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Tales from my school

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The school is life for its students, here we share students stories of this life.

The school is life for its students, as it is a bridge to education and the promotion of values. It's where we spent most of our lifetime and where we built the most remarkable memories and stories that will remain engraved in our minds forever. Therefore, we decided time to document these stories and embody them in a simple and beautiful way through a cartoon series called (Tales from my School)


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April 2021
The school is like a life story for its students

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

The reason why we chose this idea, came mainly from what we have witnessed in our school; how students interact with each other, what motivates them, and what discourages them. Despite the fact that, as teachers, we do our best to provide a safe space for them to share all these feelings and stories, it is never enough. This project came to offer the students’ this space but in a different way.

How does your innovation work in practice?

“Tales from my school” is a project done by the two amazing fellows Malaz El-Siddiq and Rawan Al-Abadi. The idea of the project came from their students, and the project is primarily targeting students’ mindset and values. The stories in this project came to document the situations, issues, and obstacles that schoolgirls have gone through and to express themselves in a creative and engaging way in the form of a cartoon series. In every episode, there is a hidden message behind the story, in which the team highlights important values and raises awareness to reinforce the good and positive behavior in the episode or video. The purpose is to equip them with different skills, develop educational values and virtue habits and eliminate aggressive attitudes among students. The intro song and voice-overs were recorded by students, the stories are collected from students, it is their own words put into a series to give them the space to share their most precious moments in school.

How has it been spreading?

The team members shared the series in their schools and with other TFQ fellows through their Year Two Project, which is a year-long project in which year two fellows work on to further maximize their impact in schools and communities.
The team also started an Instagram page to share the series episodes with a wider range of audiences.
Even though it is a new project, the team is dedicated to continuing with their project with full potential to finish their first season successfully.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

1- Identify project objectives and your targeted audience.
2-Build your team of passionate teachers, students, and parents.
3- Identify your team needs, such as writing scenarios, PPT skills, video making, and editing skills, project advertisement
4- Set a clear plan for your work scope, such as gathering stories from students, rephrasing the stories in a narrative way, preparing visual components

Spread of the innovation

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