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Bridging the digital divide in Education

Our commitment to inclusivity, equity, innovation, and holistic growth drives us to combine innovative technologies and pedagogical strategies to create digital learning programs that enhance the learning experience for all students, regardless of background or circumstance, nurture critical thinking, promotes autonomy, and cultivate the next generation of responsible citizens.



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Target group
October 2023
Through the innovation of Tabshoura, LAL envisions a transformed education landscape characterised by equitable access to high-quality educational resources, enhanced digital literacy and 21st-century skills among students, empowered educators, official recognition and integration of Tabshoura into the education system a more inclusive and accessible education for all Lebanese students.

About the innovation


The Syrian war crisis over-burdened the Lebanese educational system as it had to cater for 600,000 new children with atypical learning abilities. Tabshoura digital programs were introduced as a solution to help refugee children adapt to the Lebanese curriculum and fill their gaps in order to catch up with formal education as well as to help Lebanese children keep up with schools. 

LAL first developed “Tabshoura” a free e-platform in Arabic, English and French, aligned with the Lebanese curriculum with a special focus on 21st century skills as well as art, culture, environment and civic education. This validated the efficiency and impact of the locally developed content for Emergency Education contexts. 

Then LAL solved the connectivity problem, unreliable internet connection in remote areas, by creating “Tabshoura-in-a-Box", an offline box with a built-in server. 

Then LAL solved the distribution problem by forming partnerships with schools and multinational organizations and signing an agreement with the Center of Education Research and Development (CERD) to facilitate the introduction of its content in public schools. 

LAL has now embarked on scaling its solution by reinforcing its partnerships and reaching out to an ever increasing number of children. 

Implementation steps

1. Access Tabshoura:
Visit the Tabshoura website through a web browser on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, ensuring you have an internet connection. Or install the Tabshoura App on your phone or tablet. Register and sign the policies.
2. Explore the Digital Library:
Browse through the digital library to find educational materials that are relevant to your needs. You can search by grade level, subject and/or language.
3. Access and/or download Educational Resources
Access the resource online and follow the easy user experience of learning or select the resources you need and download them to your device. This is especially helpful if you anticipate needing offline access to the materials.
4. Attend Webinars and Training Sessions
If you are an educator, wishing to maximise your understanding of Tabshoura and how to integrate it into your educational journey, consider attending webinars and training sessions provided by the Lebanese Alternative Learning and announce on its social media (look for Lebanese Alternative Learning on Instagram or Facebook and follow the announcements)
5. Provide Feedback
Share your feedback with LAL to help improve the platform and its content. User insights are valuable for enhancing the overall Tabshoura experience. You have a feedback box on the program or write us a note on info@lal.ngo.

Spread of the innovation

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