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Empowering new generations to collaborate for global sustainability.


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A b-learning system that empowers students, teachers and school communities through the Network Project Based Learning methodology, developing skills to collectively transform the world. Students create projects that contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals, collaborating with a network of other schools as well as social and environmental institutions.
Felipe Prado, cofounder and COO
Educating for the systemic thinking that will change our world.

Felipe Prado, cofounder and COO


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Updated on August 15th, 2022
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Why did you create this innovation?

We created Swarmob to reduce the school access gap in three current educational challenges: global citizenship for sustainable development, online collaboration and, project-based learning for the development of 21st century skills. We seek to create a global, diverse and inclusive network of schools from all sectors for the generation of social and environmental solutions.

How does your innovation work in practice?

We provide a blended learning web platform to be used by students, teachers and management teams of all school levels and subjects. With this platform, users learn to use the Network Project-Based Learning (N-PBL) methodology and manage their processes in a simple, autonomous and effective way. Thus, they teach and learn in a collaborative and interdisciplinary way, interrelating all the knowledge of the school curriculum and creating sustainable impact solutions together with a network of schools. The platform helps with project planning, monitoring, feedback, inter-institutional network collaboration and measurement of 21st century skills (creativity, collaboration, digital literacy, global citizenship, communication, critical thinking and self-awareness). In addition, Swarmob conducts practical teacher training workshops to enhance N-PBL within the institutional culture.

How has it been spreading?

We work with 21 schools and 8.500 students and teachers in Chile, Mexico and Ecuador. We are currentily in the process of expanding to other schools and countries, thanks to a scalable digital system adapted to diverse contexts. In 2020 we won the VIVA Idea awards and in 2021 we were the only Latin American innovation to win the UN call for Global Innovations for the SDGs, participating in the STI Forum.

In addition, we conducted open reflection and professional development activities for teachers on education for sustainable development, with participants from 12 countries in Latin America, Spain, Canada and Australia.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

We work with K12 educational institutions (schools, high schools) and local governments. We offer individualised modalities of participation according to each institution culture and degree of innovation, so that all of them can be part of it. To join our network, please contact us at


See this innovation in action

Dialogue with 4 Ministers of Education - Pacific Alliance
Swarmob was invited to represent Chilean educational innovation in a dialogue with the four education ministers of the Pacific Alliance countries (Colombia, Chile, Mexico and Peru), in the livestream meeting "Reinventing the academic sector". See video of the event.
Swarmob in the print media
Due to the success of Swarmob participating in the Startup Chile acceleration program and the victory in the United Nations innovation award for the STI Forum 2021, Swarmob received the attention of important print media in Chile. See El MercurioSee Diario Financiero (Financial Journal)
UN STI Forum 2021: Winners call for innovations 2021
Swarmob was recognized by the UN and R4D as one of the ten innovations around the world that contribute the most to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, being the only Latin American innovation selected in the 2021 version of the call. For this reason, Swarmob was invited to participate in the 6th United Nations Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation, to share its experience with an audience from 34 countries made up of government officials, financiers, sector experts and UN officials, among others. See background and list of winning innovations.See UN press releaseSee the video of the panel.See press release 1.See press release 2.
¿Cómo innovar en educación para la ciudadanía global y el desarrollo sostenible? | Diálogos Swarmob
Video of the first international teaching conversation organized by Swarmob, dedicated to the challenge of innovating in education for global citizenship and sustainable development. It was attended by Araceli Serantes, PhD from the research groups in Educational Policy, History and Society (University of Coruña) and Environmental Education, Communication and Art (University of Mato Grosso) and Luciana Silvestri, Language and Literature teacher at the College Tomás Alva Edison and director of the Probot School. Professors from 12 Latin American countries joined us in this dialogue.Video:
Second Swarmob's Interschool Encounter: students for the SDGs
Video of the second interschool meeting for the Sustainable Development Goals, organized by Swarmob in 2019. It included the participation of students and teachers from 15 schools of the Swarmob network, in which they presented the projects they created during the year, participated in recreational activities 21st century skills training and attended talks from allied social and environmental institutions. Visit experience:
Redes de aprendizaje para un futuro sustentable by Voces Cotidianas
Interview of the Voces Cotidianas podcast, where the founders of Swarmob were invited to talk about the social background that inspired the creation of this project, the essential work of teachers and students in education for global citizenship and the need to generate networks to multiple levels to build a harmonious relationship with the Earth:
¿Cómo educar para la igualdad de género desde el aula hacia la sociedad? | Diálogos Swarmob
Video of the second international teaching conversation organized by Swarmob, dedicated to education for gender equality based on the sustainable development agenda and innovation with PBL. It was attended by Rosario Olivares, Philosophy professor member of REDFEM and doctor in American Studies (USACH) and Canela Bodenhofer, educational policy researcher at SUMMA. Professors and assistant professors from 12 countries in the region also participated in the dialogue.Video:
VIVA Schmidheiny Awards Winners 2020
Swarmob won second place at the VIVA Schmidheiny 2020 Awards, company with social impact category.
Podcast: Transformar a las nuevas generaciones con educación colectiva - Swarmob
Interview of the Próxima Frontera podcast with the founders of Swarmob and the work they do promoting education to transform the world from collective intelligence. Listen here:


Achievements & Awards

April 2021
2021 Winner- UN's Science, Technology & Innovation Forum
January 2021
Ignite acceleration program at Start-Up Chile

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We have multiple engagement modalities for schools and local governments, from using the Swarmob platform to implement PBL, hands-on PBL teacher training workshops, events on education, sustainability and innovation, and more. Contact us to know your requirements.
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