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Using our platform to enable learning even during the lockdown

Study from Home #KeepLearning

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As one of the earliest adapters of online learning in the region, we felt compelled to continue reach our students and even help our instructors to become more engaged online as we continue to be a vanguard this type of learning that we have championed for almost a decade now. We started running our #KeepLearning campaign in March 2020 to help more students continue their studies across the region
"The best teachers are those who show you where to look but don’t tell you what to see.” ---- Alexandra K. Trenfor

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Updated on October 21st, 2020
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 What we do?

The Virtual University of Uganda or VUU is an online education service provider. As the first virtual university in the sub-Saharan region, it has grown into a truly international university with applicants and students from over 17 and 15 countries across the globe respectively.

Why we do it?

The Sustainable Development Goal #4 emphasises Quality Education but more importantly, how to achieve inclusive education for all as well. This is where ICT plays an important role.

With our #KeepLearning campaigns, we envisioned an opportunity where we could accelerate the transition of more students and trainers to online learning therefore, we scaled up our IT infrastructure to accommodate more students an since we ran our first campaign ads on Facebook, we saw a spike in applications.

We are also mindful of the fact that several learners are still not connected on the internet and the cost at times is a hindrance. This is why in 2019, we worked with a consultant to extensively research and set up a demo of a bigger, better and robust e-learning platform that we could develop ourselves and roll-it out to the wider Pan African market.

This big dream is still a driving force for us and the COVID-19 pandemic has hasten the need to accelerate our search for equally passionate and visionary funders to take our idea from the demo stage into development.

Through HundrED, we hope we can showcase our innovative learning solutions and also ink with propsective funders to bring our dream to life.



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