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Streamlined Success: Leveraging AI for Multi-Level Math Mastery in Age-Diverse Classrooms.

Empowering Every Student, Every Level, Every Age in Numeracy.

Facing the challenge of diverse ages and abilities in classrooms with limited math time, our innovation integrates ALEKS AI with Singapore Math to offer tailored learning. This ensures every student meets or exceeds AERO standards, making the most of every minute.



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Target group
Students basic
April 2024
I hope to see AI reshape education by personalizing learning journeys, ensuring students progress at their own pace. Instead of aiming for uniform achievement levels by year-end, AI should complement teacher efforts, helping each student reach or even exceed their full potential according to their unique capabilities and needs.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

I created this innovation to address the unique challenge of multilevel students in a single class with limited math time. By integrating ALEKS AI, I enable personalized learning, allowing students to select their own topics and pace, ensuring each student's needs are met efficiently and effectively.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

In practice, my innovation grants students significant autonomy over their learning. For half of the math sessions each week, they can select topics, review previous material, or conduct self-assessments using ALEKS. As they progress, students are free to seek help from me or from peers, fostering a collaborative learning environment. Older students often assist younger ones, enhancing leadership skills while reinforcing their understanding. The other half of the weekly classes is dedicated to mental math exercises and short, practical projects focusing on applying numerical concepts. This dual approach not only enhances individual learning but also cultivates a community where everyone is both teacher and learner.

How has it been spreading?

The use of AI in education, exemplified by my innovation with ALEKS, is revolutionizing teaching by providing personalized learning experiences. This technology allows students to navigate their own educational paths, choosing what, how, and when to study various mathematical concepts. As a result, students can progress at their own pace, often accelerating their learning. This tailored approach not only makes math more accessible but also more engaging, helping students to advance more quickly than traditional methods would allow.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

To try this approach, focus on personalizing each student's learning journey, not just through ALEKS, but by integrating hands-on activities that apply mathematical concepts across various age levels. This method enhances understanding through practical application, ensuring it is personalized, not just independent, learning.

Spread of the innovation

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