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Squirrel AI Learning

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We Strive to Provide Every Student an AI Super Teacher!

Squirrel AI Learning by Yixue Group is the first K12 EdTech company which specializes in intelligent adaptive education in China and is the market leader. Squirrel AI Learning is the first domestic adaptive learning engine based on the advanced algorithm and with the complete independent intellectual property developed by YiXue Education.



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June 2020

About the innovation

Providing personalized & high-quality K-12 after-school tutoring at an affordable price.

What is Adaptive Learning?

Adaptive learning is an education technology that can respond to a student's interactions in real-time by automatically providing the student with individual support.

Addressing burning needs in education today

  • LACK of Personalized Attention in Traditional Classrooms

  • UNEQUAL Distribution of Educational Opportunities

Our mission

Our mission is that every child become people who are capable and decent. When everyone has the most knowledgeable AI teacher beside every time s/he needs, then education equity is not just a slogan, but every child can realize his/her own different dream completely.

Tom Mitchell Talks about Squirrel AI Learning

Tom Mitchell, the world-renowned luminary in machine learning and the former Dean of the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, is the Chief AI Officer of Squirrel AI. In this interview, he talks about Squirrel AI Learning's uniqueness in providing personalized education for students.

The Squirrel AI Learning Intelligent Adaptive Learning System (IALS)

The Squirrel AI Learning Intelligent Adaptive Learning System (IALS) provides a student-centered intelligent and personalized education. It applies artificial intelligence technology in the educational process of teaching, learning, evaluation, testing and training. IALS is cost-effective, with the artificial intelligence + human teacher model, to teach students in accordance with their aptitude, effectively solves the problems of high cost of traditional education, the lack of resources for teachers, and low learning efficiency.

IALS pioneers the decomposition of nanoscale knowledge components, take junior high school mathematics as an example, 300 knowledge components are dissolved into 30000 fine-grained knowledge components, and each knowledge component is matched with learning content, including text item, animation, slides, short instructional video, etc. A parent knowledge component can be resolved into sub knowledge components that are more specific and targeted. The relationship between knowledge components is connected into a graph structure. Then according to the real learning data of the users, the relationship between the knowledge components in the knowledge graph is iterated until the knowledge graph becomes stable.

Nowadays, the modern education system has achieved great success in knowledge education, but its role in quality education is unclear. If we want to improve these capabilities of students through education, how can we really make progress? IALS solved this scabrous problem by proprietaryMCM model(Methodology, Capacity, Mode of Thinking).

Success Stories

Qingtai County is a poverty-stricken county in China. The average yearly income of Qing Taiping town is $1025. Squirrel AI Learning helps the children increased their mastery rate from 56% to 89% in 1 month by using the methods of "tracing the source" for student learning. The achievement level of these rural children not only exceeded that of the children in the county but also some children's level far exceeded the average level of students in Wuhan (the provincial city of Hubei, China).


Up to now, Squirrel AI Learning has opened over 1700 schools and has 3,000 teaching staff in more than 200 cities across more than 20 provinces and autonomous regions in China. The three rounds of financing have helped Yixue accumulate over 100 million RMB (14 million USD). Investors include SIG, NGP, Jing Lin capital, CASH (Chinese Academy of Science Holdings) Capital, Greenwoods Investment, New Oriental Education (NYSE: EDU), Tomorrow Advancing Life, the Isle, and Yu Minhong (the founder of New Oriental Education).

It has established an artificial-intelligence-driven education laboratory in New York, and Yixue AI Lab with SRI International as the primary research partner and established major research collaborations with leading institutions such as Carnegie Mellon University, UC-Berkeley etc.

Spread of the innovation

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