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SPIRIT award

place Australia

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program celebrating character based education

SPIRIT award celebrates key character traits, encourages creativity & personal development, harnesses positive energy & reinforces the importance of engaging with others to benefit the wider community. Its principles provide a scaffold for success that applies to all learning styles, acting as bearings on a compass, to guide meaningful and purposeful contributions beyond academic success.


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Target group
October 2020

About the innovation

What is SPIRIT award

What we do? Recognise character strengths of students through a values based program that celebrates contribution to community. Demonstrate in a very practical sense how to turn adversity into opportunity by tapping into real world community experiences (some of which are tragic such as in this case) to inform educational practice.

Why we do it? Wholistic approaches to learning and pedagogy are more likely to impact on student outcomes than many strategies. If a child is seen, heard, understood and empowered, that child is far more likely to venture forth to contribute and impact the world around them.

Spread of the innovation

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