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Small GREEN Steps

place Australia

The aim of the program is to provide educators with the knowledge and tools to teach young children an appreciation of the environment.

The Small GREEN Steps program has been specifically developed for early learning (pre-school) organisations to help them embed sustainable practices and encourage children to develop a love of nature at an early age. The program covers all elements of sustainability such as enviro policy, Green Teams, waste management, energy efficiency, water conservation, climate change and plastic pollution.



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July 2018
Love this inspiring program ! We all learnt so much.

About the innovation

What is Small GREEN Steps ....

The Small GREEN Steps program is a 40 steps sustainability program that is delivered online over 4 levels - Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Best Practice.

Certificates are provided at the completion of each level and the submission of a checklist.

The program has been developed for the early leaning sector in order to provide sustainability knowledge, guidance and tools to educators of young children.

The program covers the full scope of sustainability including:

  • Creating a Sustainability Commitment Statement

  • Developing an Enviro Policy

  • Establishing a Green Team

  • Minutes, Agenda and Terms of Reference

  • Enviro learning resources for Educators

  • Climate Change basics

  • Plastic Pollution

  • Sustainable Future

  • Green activities for Children

  • Waste Management principles

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Water Conservation Enviro

  • Engaging Parents

  • Supply Chain Review

  • Supplier Sustainability

  • Sustainable HR practices

  • Sustainability Inspection Checklist

  • Enviro books for Children

  • Showcasing your enviro achievements

Implementation steps

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Spread of the innovation

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