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Design Engineer Construct!

Educating the Future of Construction

We believe in inspiring and empowering children and young people everywhere, so they can design, engineer and construct an extraordinary future. Working with the best in Education and Industry, we create world-leading, STEM-focused Built Environment and Infrastructure learning programmes that deliver genuine social, economic and environmental impact.

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Target group
August 2021
“This programme has refreshed my approach to teaching as I can see a real benefit and purpose to delivering a subject that gives genuine life opportunities."

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Forecast to grow to $15.5 trillion worldwide by 2030, Construction is a global industry that needs exceptional STEM and digital talent. Its transition to net zero is critical. It needs a generation of problem solvers, innovators and entrepreneurs. However, it is perceived as a male dominated, low-skilled manual industry. Design Engineer Construct! is the change the industry and education needs.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Children and young people experience the digital Built Environment through the ‘Design Engineer Construct!’ (“DEC”) Learning Programme, providing them with a unique opportunity to develop the knowledge, competencies, behaviours and skills fundamental to successful careers in architecture, engineering and construction.

Students improve numeracy and literacy skills and STEM knowledge through real-world applied learning, advancing digital skills using industry standard digital modelling and analysis tools for net-zero building and infrastructure design.

Aligning with the SDGs, the themes of social, environmental and economic sustainability run throughout the programme - learners discover how to minimise their own and their community’s impact on the planet through role play and project based learning.

They understand the value of inclusivity and diversity, designing for a world where everyone matters and an industry that needs a new generation of climate-focused professionals.

How has it been spreading?

Design Engineer Construct! (‘DEC’) launched in leading STEM school, Cecil Andrews College, Perth, Australia. 'DEC bootcamps' are running in Malaysia in collaboration with the Penang STEM initiative and Prince of Wales Island International School and DEC has been delivered in Bangkok’s Shrewsbury School to primary school pupils for the past 2 years. DEC has been delivered at Fairgreen International School, Dubai, for 3 years where learners will advance to DEC Level 3 this September. Schools in Lithuania use ‘DEC Awards’ and Ireland’s Construction Industry Federation used our 'Home for Everyone' Award in the 2021 national schools challenge. Our online work experience programme reached 2000 children during lockdown and continues to operate, soon to be introduced to children with SEND.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Design Engineer Construct! is accessible to all learners and teachers. Hosted on our ‘DEC School’ online platform, we offer a wide range of ‘DEC Awards’ - small introductory projects that can be used to enrich the STEM curriculum before embarking on the more advanced DEC Level 1, 2 and 3 study programmes. We are happy to provide more information - please contact

Impact & scalability

HundrED Academy Reviews

The online platform is available to everyone through DEC Central, where interested participants can access small projects to enhance STEM skills and knowledge, and then a larger curriculum can be accessed through contacting DEC!

By offering a wide range of ‘DEC Awards’, small introductory projects that can be used to enrich the STEM curriculum. This innovation seems high impact on design thinking, sustainability and online learning.

- Academy member
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Implementation steps

Getting involved in Design Engineer Construct!

Design Engineer Construct! was originally created with the support of teachers, learners, academics and industry professionals – it continues to evolve with that same support.

DEC goes way beyond simply providing a route to academic success. It connects knowledge and understanding, skills and behaviours, resilience and empathy. It gives young people a sense of purpose to improve their planet and people lives.

Our teachers have more experience than they realise!

Most of our teachers teach STEM subjects, but begin with little knowledge of the Built Environment as an industry. DEC takes them on a journey that immerses them in the familiar world where they already live, work and play, so they begin to see it from a DEC perspective.


​From home to school, the supermarket, the leisure centre and the roads that connect them, the drains that take away the waste…

DEC reveals the complex systems that make up our modern digital world, providing exceptional opportunities to combine creativity with the theoretical, the technical and the technological.

Spread of the innovation

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