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Slooh - Explore Space

Slooh’s is a innovative initiative for students, which provides control to telescopes for real-time viewing of all space objects anytime.

Slooh is designed to empower students in class as a part of the curriculum, co-curricular or extracurricular manner so they can explore space on their own with direct support from our astronomy educators. It offers astronomy engaging & affordable for schools by providing direct access to real-time viewing and control of robotic telescopes situated at one of the world’s top observatory sites.



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December 2019

About the innovation

Slooh - Learn to explore space

What we do?

Slooh has enabled people to explore the universe together through its global network of telescopes. Slooh’s automated observatories develop celestial images in real-time for broadcast to the Internet. Slooh members have taken over 4 million photos/150,000 FITS of over 50,000 celestial objects, participated in numerous discoveries with leading astronomical institutions and made over 3,000 submissions to the Minor Planet Center. By the end of 2019, Slooh have 17 online telescopes on three continents covering 20+ hours per day.

Why we do it?

Slooh enables the astronomy engaging and affordable for schools without the requisite equipment or expertise on staff by providing direct access to astronomy educators and real-time viewing and control of robotic telescopes, including seven telescopes situated at one of the world’s top observatory sites.

Spread of the innovation

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