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Kathija Yasmin Shaik
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Skill Theatre

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Skill Theatre is the most inclusive innovation in equipping the 21st-century skills in education. We use creative juices to deliver learning. We create values through an energized focus on developing any 21st-century skills through drama, music, and other art forms. We created this to improve the quality and simplify learning and teaching, mainly in rural schools and colleges.
Kathija Yasmin.S , Head of Community -Skill Theatre
We strive to achieve a successful, inclusive learning environment

Kathija Yasmin.S , Head of Community -Skill Theatre


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Updated on June 30th, 2022
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Why did you create this innovation?

Most of the schools in rural India lack quality infrastructure, teachers, teaching aids that have widened the existing gap in education. Teachers' quality is the key to ensuring quality education. As it involves a tremendous investment to renovate a quality school, we worked on a simple solution that focuses on developing the skills of the rural teachers through 'low cost or no cost resources'.

How does your innovation work in practice?

Skill Theatre is a strategic approach designed by an experienced, enthusiastic group of educators who aspires to offer inclusive skill development solutions to the community of students and teachers across the world.
SKILL THEATRE works as a skill development tool that promotes participation from the students and teachers fostering experiential learning. Our model works in accordance with Kolb’s experiential learning cycle incorporating the following principles: Experiential learning–Assessment–Learner-centered learning–Interactive Learning–Co-operative learning–Integrated learning–Social and Emotional well being–Technology based learning.
- We visit the schools in the rural community or connect with a remote school online
- We do a 'Needs Analysis' of every individual teacher/student considering various factors affecting their career/skills.
- We plan a structured profile based on their training needs
- We would agree on a tentative calendar and deliver training

How has it been spreading?

These experiential learning approaches were tried and tested with over 5000 students and school teachers across south India with a proven track record and played a major role in improving the 21st skills of the learners. Most of the learners whose skills were 40% at the time of needs analysis showed a 20% increase in their performance levels.
Our Mission:
To offer customized skill training solutions to students and teachers through creative, fun, and theatrical activities, as we strongly believe in the words “Tell me and I forget. Teach me, and I may remember. Involve me and I learn”-BENJAMIN FRANKLIN.
Our Vision:
Our Endeavour has been to develop experiential training courses for teachers and students to deliver any skill/subject in a precise, customizable, and cost-effective way.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Step-1-Email your School/Institute details (Govt/Private/Public School)
Step-2-We get in touch with you
Step-3-Needs Analysis
Step-4-Structure Profile based on training needs
Step 5-Training modules delivered through Online and Face-Face


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November 2019
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History concept
We believe that the most cost-effective method to reach the rural people with quality education and skills is by engaging their body, minds through experiential activities and helping them to create cheap learning resources for themselves from scratches.
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