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This is the most inclusive and cost effective program designed to encourage creativity and imagination in students and teachers.

Skill Theatre

location_on Skill Theatre - Madurai, Tamilnadu, India.
Skill Theatre is the most cost-effective innovation in equipping the 21st-century skills in education. We use creative juices to deliver learning. We create values through an energized focus on developing any skills through drama, music and other art forms. We created this to improve the quality and simplify the process of learning and teaching mainly in rural schools and colleges.
Kathija Yasmin.S , Founder -Skill Theatre
We strive to achieve a successful inclusive learning environment

Kathija Yasmin.S , Founder -Skill Theatre


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Inclusive and Creative learning

What we do?

Our curriculum is designed in accordance with Kolb's experiential learning cycle. This is a tailor-made curriculum developed mainly for school teachers and students from rural schools to enhance the quality of education based on simple, experiential and theatrical activities and other art forms. We also aim to achieve a successful inclusive learning environment with the help of the learning resources that we create from scratches.

Why we do it?

Education is the most powerful weapon in creating a society of healthy minds, there is an inevitable need for every educator to make quality education and 21st-century skills accessible mainly to students and teachers hailing from poor and rural backgrounds.We believe training the rural teachers rightly on various skills would be a milestone in achieving greater results.


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November 2019
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We believe that the most cost-effective method to reach the rural people with quality education and skills is by engaging their body, minds through experiential activities and helping them to create cheap learning resources for themselves from scratches.
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