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Sisterhood is a creative design programme for young girls to unleash their creative confidence and make a positive change to society.

Sisterhood raises awareness and develops a personal understanding of the positive impact being a confident young girl can make on her future success. We deliver creative programmes to build confidence and self-esteem in young girls (age 13-17), so that we can help young girls in realising their full potential and go on to become the leaders, creators and change makers.


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January 2019
When young girls are given the opportunity to cultivate self-esteem, we grow into girls who have confidence and when we have confidence we become women who wholeheartedly believe in our abilities and skills and when we do that, it impacts all aspects of our lives.

About the innovation

What is Sisterhood

We see a world where every girl has the opportunity to find her voice and communicate what she cares about confidently and creatively.

Sisterhood provides a platform for girls to turn their words into action through creative programmes, by encouraging girls to re-imagine, collaborate and provide creative solutions to personally and socially relevant issues from body image to larger social issues such as gender inequality.

The programmes take a design-based approach to help girls explore larger social and systemic issues that affect them. We provide a safe and inclusive space for participants to collaborate together and forge meaningful friendships. Each programme provides young girls with:

The Confidence to be Themselves:

  • Participants identifying key issues that affects their everyday lives to work on. This is done through sharing personal experience, extensive research, debate and discussion. The group comes to a joint agreement on one issue that they have come to care deeply about.

  • Every participant is given a self-reflection journal, which they use to log their processes, learnings and progress through the programme.

The Courage to Act:

  • Each participant learns the Double Diamond (see Design Council) method, which they use to go from problem to designed outcome.

  • Working in small groups and big teams to create visual outcomes for their project.

  • Specialist skills training (depending on what skills they require to complete their project) e.g. creative software, pitching, budgeting etc.

The Charisma to Inspire Others:

  • Access to creative hubs and spaces - with every programme participants visit a variety of spaces to launch their project from cultural venues, galleries, museums etc.

Spread of the innovation

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