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Want a fun way to get children involved in traffic safety?

Traffic Agents

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A solution that empowers young people and gives them the opportunity to contribute to be involved in community solutions using a student designed app.
Vibeke Rørholts, Founder of Traffic Agents
I received a telephone call from the mother of a little boy who had reported some bushes that meant he couldn’t see when he was crossing the street. And two days later the bushes were cut. She phoned in saying he’s so happy that he could make this happen. I believe that if we as an authority empower the young generation to make change, we build trust and encourage them to become active citizens of the society.

Vibeke Rørholts, Founder of Traffic Agents


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Updated on February 1st, 2021
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What is The Traffic Agents?

Walking or cycling to school are encouraged to lessen the impact on the environment. However, concerns over road safety mean many parents can be reluctant to allow their children to do so. Improving road safety often requires gathering data, yet few organisations ever think to ask children for their views. When children are asked, their parents usually answer for them. The result is that road safety agencies lack important information from students.

The Traffic Agent smartphone app was developed to enable children to capture how they feel when they are travelling to school. The app was designed for children, taking feedback and suggestions from children, parents and teachers into consideration. Children play the part of a secret agent on the lookout for challenging and positive locations in their local area, with regard to traffic and pedestrian safety.

If children encounter something unsafe such as heavy traffic or an obstacle on their way to school, they can report it immediately via the app. Children can give an area thumbs up or down and select buttons which explain the problem. They can even send a message with more information.

The data collected by the Agency of Urban Environment is concise and pinpointed and provides the local government with important information for further traffic and mobility planning. Children's data and privacy is protected while the phones are tracked through GPS.

Schools are important partners for the Traffic Agent app and teachers are asked to sign up their classes. Teachers can access the data provided by their own class and can use it in class when teaching traffic security.

The app provides children with a sense of citizenship as they can see the impact they might have on their routes.


HundrED Academy Review


This is the first app that gives children a direct say over their own community & road safety.


Young people are encouraged to become active citizens. They feel empowered to make positive changes and increase community traffic security.


The app is currently only available in Norway, where three municipalities have implemented the Traffic Agent into their work but the concept could work anywhere with the right partnerships!


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Spread the Word
The Traffic Agent team actively works to spread the word. They use social media, contact schools, parent groups and media to reach out to the right groups.
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Active Discovery
Help spread the word throughout the community.
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Decide how long to use the app and when.
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Agent Codes
Turn students into agents.
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Campaign Period
Gather information, make walking groups, and help make the community safer!
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