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"SICOEM" Contextual System of Musical Training

Pedagogical approach for kids of the XXI Century that increases happiness and self-esteem through musical training and healthy relationships

SICOEM Basic system developed for more than 40 years of experience by Professor Próspero Reyes Cedeño used in Filarmonia Vallesana since 2012, substitutes the figure of the teacher for that of the trainer and the student for the trainee. Where imagination, movement and fun are above memorization, considering that "play and fun" are the true motor of learning. Currently we are in 5 communities.

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Target group
June 2018
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About the innovation


Inspired by athletic trainers and the use of technology through ensembles and individual or group training.

It has many origins, one of them being to create a mass and individual musical-educational system that could put emphasis on having fun and not on the firmness of traditional teaching methods, music schools, and specialized teachers.

The SICOEM is divided into two main phases: Play and Training.

During the Play phase, children develop their creativity, imagination, and group organization through the use of the ‘garabato’, the pre-music, and different dynamics.

The Instrumental Training is developed in 4 distinct stages:





The SICOEM has allowed us in Filarmonía Vallesana to count with:

A Symphonic Band

A Jazz Band

Violin Ensemble

Chorus Practice


Impact & scalability

Implementation steps

Make sure SICOEM is for you
You'll need to write an e-mail with your needs and motivation, telling in detail who are you and the project we can help you with. CONTACT: Prospero Reyes Cedeño
Evaluation of The Project
With the approval of the evaluation committee we will decide which steps to follow depending on your particular context.
Full Program
If you want to have the full program contact our president. Leticia Hernandez
Filarmonia Vallesana

Spread of the innovation

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