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We use this strategy to connect parent's and children and also teacher in a strong bond. They started this journey slowly but we are positive they will reach their goal very soon. This is a journey where they will find themselves.
I am a Social worker , working with school parents ,children for connecting them
सफर.. खुद की तरफ, Journey towards self . The way to get started is to quit taking and begin doing.

I am a Social worker , working with school parents ,children for connecting them


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Updated on October 13th, 2021
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Why did you create this innovation?

In a virtual space it was crucial for student and parents to come together and express freely about their thoughts , feelings and struggles and challenges .
The school created a space which helped students and parents to connect to themselves and with each other through topics like
My feelings and emotions
How do I react to my emotions?

How does your innovation work in practice?

The topics explored with the students were on Emotions and feelings , How to deal with those emotions , Mindful listening , Gratitude and Resilience zone

Children had to make use of time as they were at home and all are not very interested in study do we took this initiative to create a space were children learn in
play way method .Were they share there thoughts, give ideas, fo Craft and painting, and learn self awareness. throughout the year .
To measure the impact of the classes a survey was conducted by social workers with the students and parents who attend the classes regularly and it was wonderful to understand that children and parents have benefited from the classes and activities .

How has it been spreading?

The children started showing sign of appreciating the elders . Having a resilience attitude. Showing gratitude towords their friends, parent's, siblings and having more confident and come up with new ideas. We are planning to work more on self development, decision making, recognize their priority, building resiliency, express themselves. There are many things to work on but we are hilighting on these topics and leter we will be work on the other.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

To take this initiative, firstly you will have to do a survey to find out about the background or needs of child/parent's . The planing has to be made the child and parents in mind so that they understand and respond properly. Strategy has to be change according to privilege and underprivilege children according bro the need.


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