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See the Good! Positive Education (previously Positive CV)

Happy kids learn best

Well-being and learning go hand-in-hand. Well-being skills can be taught and learnt. One of the most important well-being skills is knowing and using one's character strengths such as perseverance, self-regulation and kindness. Positive Learning has developed a research-based, engaging and rewarded service to learn, teach and document strengths. The service focuses on K-12 teachers and students.



HundrED shortlisted this innovation

HundrED has shortlisted this innovation to one of its innovation collections. The information on this page has been checked by HundrED.

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April 2021
Skills of heart, well-being and growth as a human being need to be promoted in school. They are the core of education. See the Good! materials support these goals the best way.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

All students should know their character strengths. Particularly those who fail in traditional learning subjects benefit from intentional strength usage. Character strengths teaching, including socio-emotional skills, is of high demand on all grade levels. Only few explicit systems exist to both learn, teach and document one's strengths. Very few services offer both printed and digital materials.

How does your innovation work in practice?

Positive Learning offers an easy-to-use digital platform and printed materials for all education organizations. First, educators learn to know what is meant by character strengths. On our platform both videos, illustrated examples and a comprehensive course on positive education are available. Our books, cards and podcasts support learning. A concept for a whole school approach is also introduced.

Teaching character strengths is made easy with ready-made lesson plans and activities. Our mascot "Character Crow" appears in stories and exercises making strength introduction inspiring to children. An engaging goal setter tool helps in strength spotting while learning to use one's strengths.
A specific strength portfolio stores the moments where strengths have been used. The teacher and the students can document the strengths usage on the portfolio and visualize the accumulated data for research purposes, too. Also, tailor-made strength usage surveys will be available on the platform.

How has it been spreading?

Since 2009 we have researched (in University of Helsinki) and produced materials for strength-based pedagogy. In 2017 we won an innovation prize of 500,000 € (SITRA Ratkaisu100). In 2019, we won a social innovation prize in European Investment Bank. Our papers have been published in high-quality peer-reviewed journals. We have trained more than 100,000 educators globally. Our books and cards have been best-sellers in Finland. They are translated into 5 languages now. Our digital service is used in hundreds of kindergartens and schools in Finland, Sweden, and Asia. The Finnish National Agency for Education has richly financed our training throughout the whole of Finland. A freemium version of the Positive digital service will be released in May, see https://positive.fi.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Please, see the contents on positive.fi and get free access to the service at go.positive.fi.
Read our books and cards (See the Good! or Huomaa hyvä!). Listen to the Character Crow stories in Finland's biggest broadcasting company Yle, Lasten Areena (only in Finnish atm). Follow us on social media or contact us directly, lotta@positive.fi.

Spread of the innovation

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