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We help kids play to learn while adults learn to play.

SayKid's ToyBot

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Most technology wasn't designed for early learners. Touch interfaces aren't natural, rigid form factors aren't playful, and visual content passively engaging kids. SayKid has created the 1st truly screen-less, play-based learning system. By combing voice technology with tangible play, we help kids learn in a safe, natural, and engaging way - by playing the role of teacher.
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Play is one of the first things we all learn how to do. As we get older, however, we often forget how to play. If we're going to reimagine education, we're going to need to (re)learn how to play.

CEO, SayKid


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Why did you create this innovation?

SayKid was founded by 2 parents - an educator and technology executive. A few years ago, our son loved school. One day, his teacher left and was replaced by a teacher who didn't have the same tools or training to relate to him - and he was expelled.

We wanted to create technology that could reinforce relationships rather than getting in the way of them - and without screens.

How does your innovation work in practice?

There's no shortage of problems in education. For starters, many kids lack access to a high-quality early education because it's cost-prohibitive for many families. The reality is that we don't have a practical way to reach kids where they're at - which is often at home - without a screen. In addition, kids don't build social and emotional or executive function skills by pushing buttons or staring a screens. These are all developed through back-and-forth interaction and by modeling behavior - which is hard to scale. Ultimately, the most practical technology isn't practical for developing the most important skills.

SayKid brings kids and adults together through play. By combining voice technology with tangible play, the ToyBot™ helps kids learn in safe, natural, and engaging way. Importantly, we empower kids to play the role of teacher and build relationships through group play, which fosters a sense of agency and inspires a love of learning.

How has it been spreading?

SayKid has received numerous academic and educational technology awards. Most recently, Harvard recognized SayKid as one of the organizations with the greatest potential to transform early education, we received the Grand Prize in the Amazon Alexa EdTech Challenge, and our innovative approach was the subject of a recent TEDx Talk.

SayKid is rooted in the science of child development and we believe that we have the potential to change how every child learns. We see a future with less screen time and more play time. More specifically, we see our role as helping kids play to learn while adults learn to play.

See TEDx Talk here:

If I want to try it, what should I do?

We always put kids first. If you feel the same, we'd love to chat.

Feel free to email our CEO, DeLonn Crosby at


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