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Saturday School

Saturday School aims to empower students from low-income communities by helping them build character as well as develop a love for learning.

The organization has set up five different programs to teach a variety of extracurricular activities on Saturdays, ranging from coding and graphic design to performing arts and cooking. We provide activities in nine areas of Bangkok, serving approximately 500 children annually. We want children to have equal opportunities, reach their highest potential and change the world for the better.


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June 2019
The Future of Our Education is in Your Hands.

About the innovation

Saturday School

What we do?

Saturday School’s offers extracurricular classes to children so they have a chance to learn what they are interested in and feel inspired to reach their highest potential. We work with volunteers from ages 20-35 with different backgrounds of expertise (ex. accounting, engineering, art, etc.) and train them on how to be effective educators. Together with cooperate sponsors and community members, we are able to support the volunteers and provide them with the whole picture about the students. Currently, we are trying to expand this program in Thailand and around the world. In the long-term, we aim to build a future education model that is applicable to every school. Now, we are testing that model on Saturdays and giving them to teachers in some schools. In the future, we hope to offer the model to policy makers in order for it to be implemented throughout whole country.

Why we do it?

Many Thai students struggle with national curriculum and do not understand why they should put effort into their education. There is a total number of 3 million dropouts from schools in Thailand which represent around 22% of total number of students. We believe that the current teaching method is not inspiring students to be more curious about things. Moreover, policy makers usually do not have experience in being a teacher so the policy does not align with the teachers’ needs and cannot be adapted into school’s system. It is rather the opposite; those policies have been making education worse. Thailand uses 24% of the national budget to improve its education system, ranking second in the world. However, this money is not used effectively nor efficiently. We hope to change that.


Spread of the innovation

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