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ROYBI is an AI-powered companion robot for young children in language learning and STEM learning.

Roybi Robot

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While technology has been evolving to meet the needs of a changing society, our educational practices are still based on early 20th-century philosophies. ROYBI is an AI-powered, educational companion robot, currently targeting 3-7-year-old children focusing on language learning. ROYBI provides a uniquely tailored teaching experience, utilizing its machine learning technology to deliver content b
Every child learns differently and ROYBI allows parents and educators to provide a unique learning style on a customized basis.

Elnaz Sarraf, Founder & CEO


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Updated on January 28th, 2021
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What is Roybi Robot?

Why we do it?

Our education system needs fundamental change, and the way our children are being educated at an early age need to be changed. As we prepare children to become leaders in a future far different from our own, we at ROYBI feel it is necessary to revise our current educational practices to meet children’s changing needs better. 

What we do?

ROYBI guides children’s linguistic development beyond traditional pedagogies, facilitating collaboration between home and school contexts. ROYBI’s cloud platform creates a shareable learner profile, enabling parents and teachers to come together through shared communication about each child’s developing skills and needs. 


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Alibaba Cloud
Technology-focused entrepreneurs are on the cusp of unprecedented breakthroughs that could allow them to positively impact humanity in a way never seen before. Today’s emerging technologies allow for more visionary and innovative businesses that change lives. Alibaba, one of the world’s largest tech companies, embraces this notion.Through its #TechforChange initiative, Alibaba Cloud, which provides cloud infrastructure to digitally transform businesses, is calling for inspiring ideas and joint efforts to tackle critical global social and humanitarian challenges in areas like education, economic development, and the environment.As part of this initiative, ROYBI launched its TechForChange campaign with Alibaba Cloud’s partnership to utilize technology to empower children around the world.To accelerate children’s learning and growth, ROYBI provides a uniquely tailored teaching experience, utilizing its machine learning technology over time, to understand more about every child, through daily conversations, assessing their daily progress, and using this data to teach according to their learning needs."Our company is ready to change the way kids learn at home, in schools, and in learning centers."Elnaz Sarraf, Founder & CEO, ROYBIThere is growing evidence that AI and specifically, robot tutors can help address global educational issues as well as providing assistance to teachers. In some countries, teachers are implementing educational robots in pre-school classes and beyond to track the educational growth of young learners. Technology has enabled us to design curriculums reflecting every child’s need versus the traditional system where the teacher provides sets of educational materials and learners have to follow.Every child learns differently and ROYBI allows educators and parents to provide a unique learning style on a customized basis. More importantly, educational robots can go to places where the lack of having teachers prevents young children from having access to education.Full article:


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May 2019
2019 World Changing Ideas - Fast Company
May 2019
Katerva Award - Behavioral Change
April 2019
EdTech Award - Cool Tool in Robotics
December 2018
Amazon EdStart Accelerator
November 2018
Top 100 Startup Semifinalist

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