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We promote and implement an alternative approach to behaviour management within educational settings

Releasing Potential Institute; Creating Behaviour Champions

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RP is a non-governmental and not-for-profit organisation. The Institute is the academic research and professional training wing of the organisation, its whole mission is to stand in the gap between the marginalised child/young person and society, by providing (and promoting) alternative education approaches and resources to engage (and include) these learners in formal education environments.
I found your training days absolutely fascinating and I have really appreciated the opportunity to stop and reflect. This level of training really should be available within education degrees

Head Teacher, Primary School (Chichester, West Sussex)


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Releasing Potential Institute; Creating Behaviour Champions

What we do? 

We provide training to educators and support staff of children and young people, enabling them to more effectively manage their learners to thrive beyond the narrow expectations of more traditional learning environments, by focusing on a broad range of alternative educational models. This training has been developed through the successful work of our ‘school’ innovative of providing education to the hardest-to-reach young people, by valuing them as individuals and welcoming them into the Releasing Potential community with unconditional positive regard.

Why we do it?

We want to share the established good practice gained from the Releasing Potential Community (staff and young people), in its delivery of successful out-reach programmes since 2001, that has aided educational establishments to create (and maintain) an alternative educational atmosphere where everyone feels valued, and everyone is safe to make mistakes, providing they are honest about them and prepared to learn from them going forward.

How we do it? 

The training is designed in a progressive stepped approach:

1. Online Continuing Personal Development; this course is the initial step in looking beyond the traditional learning environment to help participants understand how to better manage problem behaviours and minimise disruption.

2. Online Level 2; this course is recognised and accredited by NCFE, the national awarding body who issue certificates for this bespoke qualification and ratify the course.

3. Online (Blended Learning approach) Level 3; this training engages with current theories and offers practical strategies to those working with children and young people in a range of contexts, it aims to allow learners to better manage problem behaviours and develop meaningful interventions in their professional work. In addition, recognised and accredited by NCFE.

Please note: NCFE is a national Awarding Organisation, passionate about designing, developing and certificating diverse, nationally recognised qualifications and awards.

Over the past 3 years, we have worked with over 30 external bodies ranging from schools (Primary and Secondary) and educational institutes to local authorities and activity centres. Over a hundred external professionals across the UK and Europe, including teachers, social and youth workers and support staff, have undertaken one of our 'Behaviour Champions' courses. In addition, we have inspired 100s of professionals (internally and externally) through our professional resource hub events. Ultimately, we believe that a person is a unique individual and education is key to personal growth. 


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