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Galina Laponova
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Children, friendship, movement, playground

Game 4D

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The project is aimed at promoting the outdoor games culture and involves an online community of play advocates, a shared bank of games and regular playing "flash mobs". It was developed by a group of early-childhood educators, winners of the Vygotsky Competition, while attending the Summer School.
Olga Shiyan, PhD, Moscow City Pedagogical University
4D - one of the most successful recent projects in pre-school

Olga Shiyan, PhD, Moscow City Pedagogical University


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Updated on June 30th, 2022
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Why did you create this innovation?

Being active is inherent to a young child, and playing enhances the development. The problem is that today's children hardly know any active games to play with their peers. We believe that by reviving the culture of play as early as in preschoolers will let the children experience childhood to its fullest.

How does your innovation work in practice?

All participants of the community adhere to certain rules, set and controlled by the project administrators and moderators — ECE teachers. The rules are aimed at maintaining communication and discussion of various issues and topics related to children's play activities. According to the rules of the project, each participant sends a meaningful commentary to 2 games twice a month. One game is the game of the month. It is common for all participants of the project. And the second game is a game randomly selected from the bank for each participant and sent out in the newsletter. All games should take place outside, it is welcome to go beyond kindergarten and involve parents. It is also a mandatory condition to use the logo of the project.

The participant of the project is the one who registered, added an active game to the game bank. The game is filled in the template. It is also mandatory to use the logo of the project. The mechanism of participation is repeated monthly.

How has it been spreading?

In 2017, we started implementing the project through emails, social networks, and opinion leaders in the regions. Our Games Bank consists of the games that were sent by the project participants from all over Russia. At the moment, the site has more than 500 active games.

Every May, the Festival of the 4Dproject is held throughout Russia. The aim of the Festival is to promote children's games among children and adults. In 2018, more than 29 regions of the Russian Federation took part in the Festival. And in 2019, this number increased to include 53 regions as the organizers - ECE teachers - invite children and their parents to play neighborhood games on city playgrounds.

In 2021, 17 669 participants on 137 venues from 39 regions, as well as DPR, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia took part.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

In order to start, you need to start with like-minded early childhood educators, passionate about reviving the culture of outside games in young children. Everyone registers in the project and takes part in monthly activities, like playing a "Game of the Month", as well as comment others' games.


HundrED Academy Review

This Game Bank can be used in a daycare, a local playground, anyplace where adults and children have a desire to play and can be active. Bringing teens in leadership roles could also support the program.

- HundrED Academy Member

A simple yet very effective initiative for getting more active play outside. Leveraging the power of the community and providing choice makes this impact high.

- HundrED Academy Member
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November 2021
HundrED 2022
May 2021
Game 4D Festival 2021
March 2021
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September 2017
Games Bank created, playing community formed

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