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Enhancing Techy Skills through Podcasting

Ran'aa School Podcast

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Ranaa School Podcast is another initiative to help build various skills of the children studying at the Ranaa Child Welfare Foundation. These include speaking, reading, presenting, recording etc. Kids share their learning stories in the form of short interviews with their peers. These are recorded in Audacity. Check details in link below.
Technology without sound pedagogy is nothing, this vehicle though has massive potential to take learning smoothly through rough and smooth terrains -taking all onboard.

Sheeba Ajmal, Founder - Technology For A Cause Enhancing Skills Empowering Kids


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Updated on January 27th, 2022
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Ranaa School Podcast

The Ranaa School Podcast basically reflects kids understanding and grasp of the different topics we study in class.  The joy in their voices reflects the interest and engagement during classes. The confidence reflects their commitment to the work. Weekly, we try to record short interviews, where kids ask each other questions regarding the task/activity completed the following day. This could be making a game in Scratch, sharing the code, reading the code, explaining the process, sharing key words learned during the activity etc

What I have felt is over the weeks kids have become more confident, their reading skills have improved in English (can read code easily), speaking has improved in Urdu (kids first language is Pushto), . Their questioning skill has improved, they can explain better, can use technical word with ease, share even in front of a guest, shyness has reduced to a much greater extent.

Every week different pair of kids record their podcasts in Audacity and then these are uploaded on the podbean website. At the moment we have 18 episodes uploaded on the Ranaa School Podcast, which can be accessed by clicking on the link below.

Ranaa School Podcast

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December 2018
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Share and discuss the idea
Pitch the idea to your students, ask for suggestions on topics. Make groups and let them come up with ideas on how to go about it. Make them think about resources, managing time, roles and responsibilities etc
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Ask for Approval
Once finalized , share the draft with all people concerned, School Head, staff, teachers and parents. Take their feedback and make changes in the light of the feedback received. You will need the School Head's approval regarding resources, parents approval for sharing student podcasts online etc
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Resource Availability
Check with your administration and IT support staff regarding resources, discuss with them how do you plan to go about the process. Share the list of resources so that timely arrangements can be made.
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Set up space in classroom or lab
Set up a space in your classroom or an IT lab , where students can record their podcasts and upload online. Make sure you have internet connection in your class or lab available.
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Train your students
Give a training session to your students, where they learn and practice how to record the podcasts using Audacity and upload in podbean. Share ad discuss the rules to share data online. Let them practice recording and uploading.
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Record, Upload and Share
Record the first episode with students, let them listen to their podcasts before uploading, check content, tone of their voice, sound, clarity , noise ? reflect , record again, save and upload to Podbean.
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