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Supporting Educators To Connect The Brain With The Heart

Project Rangeet

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A mobile app for teachers to easily deliver a Social Emotional & Ecological Knowledge (SEEK) curriculum to students, with structured lesson plans & training resources developed around the UNSDGs. Uses playful learning methods & the understanding of multiple intelligences. Includes tools that measure impact & designed to work in any geographic or socioeconomic context. Develops teachers & students.
Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution
Human relationships are at the core of loving & learning. Through song & playful activities, Project Rangeet flexes our social muscles & prepares children to be tomorrow’s carers, thinkers & citizens.

Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution


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Updated on March 22nd, 2021
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Why did you create this innovation?

Most education systems have their roots in rote learning styles. They don’t teach in the way different brains learn, encourage creativity or involve students actively in their own learning. Teachers are overburdened & under resourced for the future. SEL programs have long-term benefits but many aren’t scalable, adaptable, educationally sound nor measurable. Ecology doesn’t feature in SEL programs.

How does your innovation work in practice?

We equip educators with a mobile app that is used in person or remotely. Only teachers require a device to deliver the proprietary curriculum, adaptable to any language/culture. In app videos address last mile issues.
A breadth of skills approach helps teachers develop children into better all round learners & well-adjusted adults. Students & teachers learn to value & protect themselves, all human beings & all life on earth, whilst developing 21st Century skills which employers deem essential. 75x50 minute lesson plans, arranged into 9 modules which fall under 3 learning umbrellas: Self, Society & Ecology.
In app features help teachers measure impact & monitor feedback in real time. Children demonstrate improved attitudes. Teachers are pedagogically upskilled across subjects, improve their social emotional competencies while teaching the curriculum, achieve greater job satisfaction & are less likely to suffer burnout. & videos in our submission serve as evidence.

How has it been spreading?

Completed 75 structured lessons. Trained teachers in Bangladesh, Uttarakhand, W. Bengal & Jharkhand to reach 800 teachers & 15k+ kids. Positive impact study by Dhaka University. Tested the platform in various settings: socioeconomic, geographic & connectivity. Documented delivery framework to close digital divides on the lines of income, race, gender to include the most disconnected communities. Report submitted to WEF’s Davos Labs ‘21, to enable replication globally: Cited by Brookings Institution as a model of playful learning: & featured by the UN as a best practice in SDG4&5: In the next 3 years we will work with govts, schools, trusts & help children & teachers thrive. A network like HundrED’s will help us grow.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Please visit to download the free version of the app & tutorial with three free lesson plans & several activities that can be tested in schools or at home. Hit the sign up button to access the full curriculum for US$100/year or US$10/month enabling anyone anywhere to teach any number of children. Or contact us at for a free trial.


Achievements & Awards

March 2021
Report submitted ( to WEF's Davos Labs 2021 to solve digital divides on the lines of race, socioeconomic and gender.
February 2021
Featured as a Best Practice in the UN South-South Matchmaker / Galaxy, February 2021 (
December 2020
Innovation page created on
October 2020
The Brookings Institution Cites Project Rangeet In "Policy 2020: A New Path To Education Reform" (
September 2020
Project Rangeet Featured In Good Practices in SSTC for Sustainable Development – Vol. 3 2020, ( )
December 2019
UN South-South Galaxy Features Project Rangeet ( )

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Learn more about Project Rangeet through our app. This tutorial will cover how our curriculum is organised. Try the app features, sample activities and lesson plans. You can sign up for our full curriculum via the sign up button in the app. Or email
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