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SEEK: Social Emotional & Ecological Knowledge


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An app for facilitators (teachers, communities, caregivers) featuring a play-based, measurable SEEK curriculum & resources supporting the UNSDGs. SEEK promotes wellbeing & develops agency & global stewardship in children in any context. It's grounded in the science of learning, enables teachers to augment core curricula & aims to address learner variability. Only one device is needed to implement.
Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution
Human relationships are at the core of loving & learning. Through song & playful activities, Rangeet flexes our social muscles & prepares children to be tomorrow’s carers, thinkers & citizens.

Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution


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Holistic Education in South & South-East Asia

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Updated on July 23rd, 2022
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Why did you create this innovation?

Quality education is unevenly distributed, worsened by access issues.
Schools focus on rote methods ignoring learner variability. The science of learning states that children learn best through play & that the 6Cs & socio-emotional skills are foundational.
Understanding the value of & our relationship with ecology & the role we can play to mitigate climate change is crucial to developing agency.

How does your innovation work in practice?

NGOs, schools, caregivers buy licences to implement Rangeet’s SEEK+M&E tools. Facilitators use an app to teach in many languages & input data (class,iterative,tests). A backend helps admins manage the program. Users are trained & supported via the app. M&E tools provide timely insight to admins/donors. Operable offline, the app resolves access issues. Rangeet has 3 umbrellas (Self,Society,Ecology) with 75x1hr lessons. Through guided play children develop socio-emotional/6Cs skills & ecological knowledge. Activities are tagged based on skill, teaching method & mapped to core curricula.
Indian national/state curricula mapping:
Experts can localize & map Rangeet to any curriculum.
Facilitators search for activities helpful to their contexts, addressing learner variability. Impact tests are tagged enabling measurement of specific outcomes.
Research Basis:
Mapping to SDGs:

How has it been spreading?

Goal: Build coalitions to implement across the Global South to reach 500k facilitators/2.5million children in schools & communities.
30k children & 2k facilitators engaged. Student answers improved by 25-30% in endline/baseline tests. 90% of facilitators reported enriched pedagogy. More on impact:
Recognised as a UN Best Practice in SDG 4&5 (, Holistic Education Challenge Winner, Jacobs Foundation/MITSolve Most Promising Innovation Equitable Classrooms Challenge ( Cited by Brookings Institution as a playful learning model (
Jacobs Centre for Productive Youth Development is conducting a study across many settings to evaluate the impact of SEEK on children/teachers in the short/long term

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Please visit to download the app which includes a tutorial, free trial & Pandemic Recovery Activities that can be carried out in schools, communities or at home. Hit the sign up button to access all lessons. Our new app is being developed & will be released by August 2022. Progressive versions can be tested in the link above. Or contact us at


HundrED Academy Review

The idea of an app for facilitators only makes this viable for scale as providing digital technologies for fewer people is easier in low resource or remote settings.

- HundrED Academy Member

Project Randeet is clearly impacting schools, educators & students in a wide context of settings. Students speak of their understandings with passion & the lessons aim for social impact within communities. The app is content rich, real world issues.

- HundrED Academy Member
The use of apps to reach educators and students to share their views on diverse topics makes it easily accessible and impactful. The focus on social and emotional areas are important aspects of development that need to be discussed more often.
Academy review results
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High Scalability
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Achievements & Awards

October 2021
Holistic Education in South & South-East Asia
April 2021
“Promising Innovation Award” Jacobs Foundation / MIT Solve 2021
March 2021
Report submitted ( to WEF's Davos Labs 2021 to solve digital divides on the lines of race, socioeconomic and gender.
February 2021
Featured as a Best Practice in the UN South-South Matchmaker / Galaxy, February 2021 (
December 2020
Innovation page created on
October 2020
The Brookings Institution Cites Project Rangeet In "Policy 2020: A New Path To Education Reform" (
September 2020
Project Rangeet Featured In Good Practices in SSTC for Sustainable Development – Vol. 3 2020, ( )
December 2019
UN South-South Galaxy Features Project Rangeet ( )

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Learn more about Project Rangeet through our app. This tutorial will cover how our curriculum is organised. Try the app features, sample activities and lesson plans. You can sign up for our full curriculum via the sign up button in the app. Or email
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