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Dr. Manisha Agarwal Garg

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Preparing Youth as per their Career Exploration building their Curiosity, 21st Century Skills to turn them into Maker, Inventor using STEAM

Program Future Ready Education: Design Career

Developing Exploration in young ones as Caterpillar (Tinker Tots), Curiosity in teens as Chrysalis (Makers), 21st Century Skills in youth as Butterfly (Inventors) to be budding Engineer, Architect, Designer, Doctor, Scientist, Educator, Communicator, Agriculturist using create, play, learn, and present Design cycle through Hands on activities, Project, game based Learning to develop Growth mindset

Design Career using 21st Century Skills, STEAM

Anant Bhaskar Garg, Director
“Create, play, learn, and present to satisfy curiosity for incremental innovations to solve current problems together and just with All.”

Anant Bhaskar Garg, Director

What we do?

Participants explore, tinker, and invent using videos, board games, card games for experiential, hands-on learning. After various sessions, students showed better understanding of topics. All activities are based on school curriculum that improve knowledge, engage, and encouraged students to raise thinking skills. That further develop growth mindset, leadership, decision making, and be a change maker. They become drivers of change, social innovators, and solution provider. 

Games are effective tool for students, youth, and everyone for building knowledge of complex concepts. Research shows how games and hands on learning are effective tools for integrating, understanding of STEAM, learning of sustainability and their importance in our life. Further, participants gain understanding to explore and design their career through real-life scenarios and project based learning. 

Why we do it?

As per UNICEF, 2019 study 50 % of Indian Students don't have 21st Century Skills required for Jobs by 2030. ​21st century skills such as critical thinking, inquiry based learning, collaboration, communication, SDGs, sustainability, and hands-on learning are missing in educational institutions. 

School education system require maker spaces, DIY (Do it Yourself), smartphone, tablets, relevant software, and computers for successfully implementing STEAM education. Latest developments in STEM/STEAM are important for student’s employability and social development. But studies show that we are not implementing them in our curriculum thus most of our young kids and youth are behind their counterparts globally.  

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Innovation Overview
8 - 17
Age Group
Tips for implementation
1. Teachers orientation program to implement in school 2. Educators, College youth can join as Volunteer 3. Participants can join program Online and offline 4. Volunteers and Funding required for schools implementation
Contact information
Dr. Manisha Agarwal Garg

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