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Fun China World

World 1st game-based online platform for learning Chinese language and culture.

Fun China World ( provides learners an innovative learning experience with a game-based platform. Learners are immersed in a virtual China where they accomplish engaging quests, interact with different characters and explore Chinese culture. Learners can also challenge and play with others all over the world to win the Championship.



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June 2019

About the innovation

Fun China World: Learning Chinese Made Fun And Easy

What Is Fun China World?

Fun China World is a multiplayer game for learning the Chinese language and culture. In the game, you are the chosen one, an adventurer who travels around different places in a virtual China. You will meet a variety of characters, challenge and play with other players, explore the mysterious oriental culture and accomplish engaging quests in the game, all of which help you complete the fun playing and learning.

As we all know, the most effective way of learning a language is to practice, practice, and practice. There is always a problem in the traditional ways of learning Chinese: students lack the motivation to learn and practice continuously. Students are very slow to learn and very easy to lose the interest. That's why we develop Fun China World, and more.

What Can You Do in The World

As the chosen one in the mysterious world, you are destined to join the challenge of the World Chinese Championship. To reach the goal, you bring the backpack and the map to start the adventure to the world of China. You will hunt mysterious monsters to be your pets, experience secret and interesting missions, explore exotic culture and play with people from all around the world.

Our World

To help you understand the people, the language, the culture and the daily life in China, we are crafting a virtual world of China. It looks like the real China, including bustling cities and well-known places, incredible diversities of customs and people from all walks of life.

Characters of All Occupations

As an adventurer, you will get to know a lot of characters like you may meet in real China, who have their own personalities and occupations. They are the core of this world because every one of them has their own story to share with you and will give you the best experience of learning the Chinese language and culture. It is a world that will make you feel like living in a real China.


We are creating a world that helps you not only get immersed in China, its people and its language but also feel great with a ton of fun. Full of things to do, Fun China World will enable you to see various architectures, handcrafts and stuff, participate in traditional Chinese activities, challenge characters and players, take care of and fight alongside your pets, accomplish different quests, learn to speak Chinese and get into the Championship.

Various architectures, handcrafts and stuff

Participate in traditional chinese activities

Challenge characters and players

Accomplish different quests

Learn to speak Chinese

Get into the championship

Learning Features

Fun game-based platform

Fun China World is not just a game. It is also a game-based learning platform consisting of rich stories and interesting characters, which helps you to learn Chinese in a pleasant and engaging atmosphere.

Immersive Chinese environment

By building a virtual world of China with real-life scenarios, you will be engaged in the learning process and react to various communicative situations.

Evidence-based curriculum

Developed by experts with the background in technology, linguistics, education, psychology and game-design, our content is designed with fun and theories in mind to deliver the best learning outcomes.

1. Curriculum frameworks

Our curriculum framework is structured and designed in accordance with ACTFL by providing authentic language and culture content in a game-based world. It covers HSK vocabulary and various topics that K12 students need to learn. Our learning goals are designed to meet the 5 Cs standards.

2. Elements for learning

Effective learning methods

With engaging story quests and interactions, you are able to learn and practice the vocabulary, pronunciations, sentences, grammar and writing in gameplay.

Authentic culture experience

By being exposed to the language and cultural content in a modern Chinese environment, you can gain authentic cultural experiences, and develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Live learning events

In the game, we will provide different live events hosted by online Chinese tutors, artisans and artists to help you learn more and better.

Reviews from Trial Users

Our Team

FunLearnWorld is a global EdTech company that provides innovative EdTech solutions and platforms via serious games or gamification. We are a passionate and international team of creators – from education specialists, college professors and engineers to senior game designers and artists. Fun China World is our core product which helps students learn Chinese in a more efficient and enjoyable way.

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