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PINit! is a game-based learning strategy ,used to augment or as an alternative to digital game-based learning tools in schools and training

PINit! Board

Lagos, Nigeria
PINit! can be used to review students' knowledge, for formative assessment, or as an innovative break from traditional classroom question and answer session. It gives room for students engagement and enjoyable interactions while learning. This game is inspired by the need to provide access to quality education by enriching the learning experience available to low-cost private and public schools.

The PINit!Board

“To reach the mind, you have to reach the heart!”

Lanre Oguntoye

What we do?

Help teachers to teach by reaching the learners. We help to design innovative classroom strategies that fit into all forms of the learning sets.

Why we do it?

We believe no learner should be left behind. This game is inspired by the need to provide access to quality education by enriching the teaching and learning experience available to low-cost private and public schools, primarily in under-developed countries. Over 80% of primary and secondary schools in Nigeria lack access to various proliferating educational technology tools. Hence, teachers are limited in scope and practice with regards to engaging students actively-the way students want to learn.

There are various electronic educational game-based tools like the Kahoot! out there. However, as fantastic as these tools are, many classrooms in underdeveloped nations cannot enjoy their use for reasons such as poor power supply and cost of digital devices. Hence the need for this adaptive and innovative tools built to reach all classrooms in underdeveloped world.

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Innovation Overview
Target Group
Tips for implementation
► A member of each team is chosen as the PINNER throughout the quiz or the role is rotated so that each member of a team(Cell) has the opportunity to move around during the quiz. ► When all the questions have been answered by the teams,or when the time for the quiz is over, the teacher reveals
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Model Board
Home Study Game
Question Screen : use with tech
Use in school classroom
Answer board
Sample mounted board
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Lanre Abolaji Oguntoye


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Model 1
► PINit! was designed for collaborative cluster learning. Each of these clusters is called a Cell. Each cell (of learners) focuses on two points: The Source ( The Question Card ) and the Goal (PINit Board) . ► The Source (The Question Card ) contains the set of questions made by the teacher or
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Evaluating Students Response: Assessment for Learning
The scores can be used as group assessment or can be used to build a leader board in a corner of the class. The teacher can award badges other forms of positive reinforcement or rewards to the students.
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Model 2
This model uses the interactive whiteboard, projector, or a computer monitor as Source and the Goal (PINit Board).
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Model 3
Using the Goal (PINit Board) as unique for individual Team or Individual student.
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