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Ernesto Moreno
Art and Culture Textile Artisans Productions

PATAC Mexico

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We contribute to the preservation of the biocultural heritage of indigenous communities that are at risk of disappearing "We are the cultural fabric of Mexico"
Community Organization
PATAC Mexico's goal is to help the 62 ethnic groups that exist so that their ancestral and prehispanic legacy does not disappear.

Community Organization


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PATAC - Art and Culture Textile Artisans Productions

What we do?

We are the link between indigenous textile artisans and people around the world 

This model works teaching biocultural heritage to people, for the preservation of the indigenous communities at risk of disappearing.

The learning of the ancestral textile techniques requires more than 5 years of experience on average. 

This education program helps children from poverty and other social issues they face, this is a entrepreneurship educational usiness model, because they need financial support for their basic needs and at the same time they learn, they help, they become self managing and they feel proud about their own culture and identity.

This project goes beyond marketing and education, PATAC is a systemic and integral collaboration platform. 


PATAC is implemented by Tourism – Workshops – Do It Yourself – Sale of Crafts – Education for Life- Entrepreneurship strategies:

Languages: Children learn, use and share their local language to others

Biocultural heritage: Children knows nature, they respect it and live with it 

Art: Children learn textile and prehispanic making that takes from 5 to 10 years on average

Entrepreneurship: Children learn management and social and solidarity economy for cultural projects

Cultural identity: Children feel proud about their identity and they help to preserve the biocultural heritage where they belong

Why we do it?

The objective is to avoid the loss of ancestral and prehispanic biocultural heritage that is at risk of disappearing, at the same time that their culture and identity of their work is promoted and recognized. PATAC would benefit the more than 25 million indigenous artisans of the 62 ethnic groups that exist in Mexico.

The plans to grow in the next 5 years is to include the 25 million indigenous people of the 62 ethnic groups that exists in Mexico, so this is a lifetime project looking for the preservation of a legacy that is about to disappear.


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