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OpenWindow & Online Preschool

place India

Footprints innovates to support young children on continuous learning though online preschool with LIVE SESSIONS

Innovations offer 20,000 families to continue education in early years and above in this LOCKdown period in India. 1. OpenWindow- 5+ Children get any class live they want from best experts 2. Footprints online preschool- to support parents in continuing crucial learning years at home with live interactions with teachers with Home-based highscope curriculum 3. Maternal & Newborn program; webinars


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May 2020
Nothing is going to get "Back to normal", dear parents and leaders, this is the new normal.

About the innovation

What is OpenWindow & Online Preschool

What we do?

We are early brain development center and preschool chain in India with 20,000+ children served. We worked on an Innovation to support children and parents in lockdown period by launching online preschool with home based highscope curriculum to support parents and crucial age of children.  500+ Teachers participated in 45 days training to elevate the best they could to potentially serve children with technology and their creativity. Honestly many got hands on live session overnight and were already in action without a breakdown.

Why we do it?

To continue to support parents who are working and serve children in their early  years  with continous learning.

Spread of the innovation

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