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'On the wings of a bat to nature' educational program

On the wings of a bat to nature

Wide-ranging environmental art education program that progresses according to age level. The program introduces the spirit of the place, cultural history and nature of Håkansböle manor site. The program pursues to prevent inequality and marginalization, create new narratives and attractiveness to the city center Hakunila in Vantaa.


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Target group
Students basic
April 2024
The contents of the educational program can be adapted to the needs of each participant. It promotes integration as well as social and cultural identity. Apart from the new Children's Cultural Centre Pyykkitupa at Håkansböle manor site, there are no other similar cultural institutions or places in the Hakunila region where a similar inclusive and accessible children's culture could be organized.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

There are prejudices and fears associated with city centre Hakunila and bats living there. However, there are many good things in Hakunila, especially the rich nature and the cultural historical Håkansböle manor site with a new Children's Cultural Centre Pyykkitupa. With the help of a versatile bat theme, these aspects can be highlighted and thus create a new kind of Hakunila narrative and brand.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

The pilot workshops began in Autumn 2022 and the program begins in full swing in April 2023. The program produces five different workshop packages with materials for different age levels, visual aids and material for special needs children as well as a method guide for teachers. Participatory and child-centered methods are used in planning of the teaching packages and in the teaching sessions. Teaching sessions are for schools and daycares (3-9 years olds). Teachers are art professionals. The program promotes children's well-being and equality offering experiences of learning, participation and success. The contents of the program are linked to the national curriculum, Vantaa's children and youth welfare plan, Vantaa's cultural guidelines, the social contract for sustainability and the action plan for cultural services for children and youth. Feedback will be collected from all participants and teachers after the workshops.

How has it been spreading?

Between 2022-2024,we have had over 1400 participants. The program permanent part of new Children's Cultural Centre Pyykkitupa's activities. Vision is to reach all target schools and daycares in city centre Hakunila and create a new empowering and attractive narrative for the area.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Contact Rebekka Harju,

Spread of the innovation

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