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Experiential Play-based Learning Boats

place Bangladesh

Children discover the joy in STEM and values education through hands-on learning

Three boats themed around values, mathematics, and science are providing play-based and experiential learning experiences for children living in wetland areas, river banks, and coastal regions of Bangladesh. The activities, materials, and contents have been designed so that children will have fun, will enjoy learning, be curious about these subjects and be inspired to continue their education.



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Target group
Students basic
April 2023
This project aims to influence the manner in which teachers and educators approach teaching by introducing more demonstration and play based activities. Classrooms in Bangladesh are generally viewed as not engaging. Changing the way subjects are taught can ensure children enjoy and sustain in school and thereby contribute to the Government’s goal of 100% literacy.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Children are averse to learning math and science as they find it difficult due to a lack of quality instruction and teachers not being creative and playful in class. Values education is not taught widely and has recently been introduced in the curriculum. This initiative aims to make learning these subjects enjoyable, contribute to children overcoming their fears, and continuing their education.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

BRAC launched the thematic floating classrooms in September 2022 from the northeast wetland region. They are travelling the riverways and have gradually made their way towards the coastal belt in the country’s south, making stops on-route for children to visit.
The boats made a stop in Chandpur District in January 2023. The Minister of Education in Bangladesh, Dr. Dipu Moni inaugurated the boats and said that the effort of the government's new curriculum and the effort of BRAC will complement each other and will help others to go ahead.
The learning spaces use experiential and play-based learning methods. The educational activities and materials are designed for primary and secondary children to explore and learn on their own. Teachers facilitate when they face difficulties.
The boats are equipped with CCTV, lights, fans, and a projector for displaying animation lessons. Real time attendance of project staff is recorded via a biometric device. These are all powered by solar panels.

How has it been spreading?

The project aims to demonstrate to students, teachers, educators, and parents that teaching and learning, even of STEM subjects, can be fun, and thus unleash the potential of children’s capacity to be creative and think on their own.
When the boats make stops at different points along the riverways, they are visited by a large number of people from diverse backgrounds. Special ramps have been installed particularly for persons with disabilities and older people.
The Minister of Education, government officials and teachers have all expressed interest in the hands-on materials and exhibits. Children are expressing their joy with the experience.
Over the next 2 to 3 years, BRAC would like to add more to this initiative and thereby influence the pedagogical approach in mainstream schools

If I want to try it, what should I do?

BRAC is happy to share the technical know-how to someone who wants to adopt this initiative. BRAC welcomes everyone to learn from BRAC’s experience and visit the demonstration. To learn more about the initiative, one may contact BRAC Education Programme at

Implementation steps

Pre visit
Before the boat arrives we meet with local education/government/schools to inform them and recruit teachers
When the boats arrive someone important from that locality or nationally (like the minister) inaugurates the boat and invites students to visit.
The boat stays and students visit the boats for about 10 days and enjoy experiential and playful learning.

Spread of the innovation

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