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 Grymonprez Piet

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MyMachine is a unique collaboration of all educational levels to create dream machines invented by kids.


MyMachine is a unique collaboration of 3 educational levels co-creating their own 'dream machines': 1) Primary schoolchildren invent a 'machine' (an IDEA) 2) which is developed further by university college students (a DESIGN) 3) to be finally built by pupils from technical secondary school (a WORKING PROTOTYPE).

MyMachine. Small Dreams, Big Ideas.

Sir Ken Robinson, Creativity Expert
“We need inspirational, practical examples of the vitality of creativity, the dynamics of collaboration and the power of possibility. That's exactly what you'll find in this inspiring work of MyMachine”

Sir Ken Robinson, Creativity Expert

MyMachine is a unique inter-generational co-creation process: in one school year: 

  1. Step1: Primary School Children invent a “dream machine” (IDEA). Anything goes, as long as they really, really want it. 
  2. Step2: University Students (engineers, product designers, digital designers etc.) step in to translate that into a CONCEPT. 
  3. Step3: Technical Secondary Students make a WORKING PROTOTYPE. 

While collaborating as peers, the students can use the expertise of local corporations & organizations that share a common view on STE(A)M, creativity, entrepreneurship, project-based, maker-centered learning. 

MyMachine is an organised free haven in the education system in which students learn that having ideas is important and what it takes to bring an idea to life.  

The Challenge

We are at the beginning of a revolution that is fundamentally changing the way we live, work and relate to one another, which the World Economic Forum now calls The Fourth Industrial Revolution. The result of all this is societal transformation at a global scale. By affecting the incentives, rules, and norms of economic life, it transforms how we communicate, learn, entertain ourselves, and relate to one another and how we understand ourselves as human beings.

These challenges we face today require a fundamental change on how we prepare students for their adult lives. The challenge is that many people when they graduate, infected by the outdated 200 years old context of the education system, have lost the ability to understand how they can be creative, problem solving team-players and how to take on an idea and bring it to life. That’s because we still run systems where mistakes are the worst thing you can do. 

But for you to be creative, you need to be willing to be wrong, to make mistakes. We all know the scene: express an idea for a new or improved product or service and the absolute majority of people will instantly share a list of arguments why it won’t work. And that needs to change.

Our solution

MyMachine brings them a wide range of 'attack skills' in a world with fast growing impact of AI and Big Data that challenges the status quo in our current job market and society. 

We work to make an impact on all students involved by bringing them 21st century skills that will serve them for life. When students see that what’s happening in the classroom can impact the real-world, they see their futures in a whole new light. They learn how they can contribute to society, rather then just be a consumer of it.

We work to make an impact on teachers and professors involved and show them how – through project-based learning in an open education context – they can contribute to better the education system.

We work to make an impact on communities around the world by enabling young people to drive their own futures, to become the self-motivated, problem solving, creative team workers that companies and organisations are looking for or to create their own start-up (profit or non-profit). 

All students learn that they can also contribute to society rather then just be a consumer of it.

Read our book with foreword by Sir Ken Robinson

What Is Your Dream Machine? How Children Change The Education System Worldwide  

out now worldwide and in many online stores, including Amazon: find your copy here:

Impacting more then 10 thousand students on 4 continents

While still growing the model, MyMachine has reached out to schools in Belgium, France, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, Norway, USA, India, Mozambique, Ecuador, Mexico and South Africa.

MyMachine is endorsed by a.o.:

  • United Nations
  • The New York Academy of Sciences
  • Harvard University
  • Sir Ken Robinson
  • Tom Vander Ark
  • Sir Richard Branson
  • Peter Gamwell
  • The William & Flora Hewlett Foundation
  • The European Foundation Centre
  • Agoria Belgian Technology Industry Federation
  • Voka Chamber of Commerce Belgium


  • United Nations World Summit Award
  • Reimagine Education Presence Learning Gold Winner Award
  • Designmanagement Europe Award
  • Lern Award
  • Belgian Chamber of Commerce Award
  • Most Entrepreneurial Higher Education Institute in Flanders (Howest for MyMachine)
  • Best Flemish Project bridging Economy & Education
  • Entrepreneurship Ambassador of the Province of West-Flanders.

MyMachine was founded by Filip Meuris, Jan Despiegelaere and Piet Grymonprez.
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 Grymonprez Piet

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Piet Grymonprez, founder and director, MyMachine Global Foundation
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