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My Little Garden - By The Little Urban Farm

A project-based learning that uses nature as a tool to create life-values and emotional intelligence

In a world where everyone is online, our innovation brings students back to nature. Connecting science, mathematics, chemistry, emotional intelligence, kindness and compassion is easy to understand why Leonard da Vinci said that "The wisest and noblest teacher is nature itself.” To respect the needs of a seed is the first step to inspire students to respect humans, animals and the whole ecosystem.

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March 2023
It's time for education to bloom. As educators our goal should be inspire people to live meaningful lives. More outdoor and nature connection is the way to create a better world.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

This innovation was created because our society is living in a mindset of fear, scarcity and competition. It is possible to learn with nature to cultivate love, abundance and collaborate harmoniously. All this exists in nature: fear, love, scarcity, abundance, competition and collaboration. By growing our own food, we strengthen these values and thrive as a global community.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

This project-based learning initiative shows us how to harness nature to enhance our ability to create and adapt to a changing world. By understanding scarcity and abundance, we increase our ecological responsibility, develop patience, and empower each other. Presenting in schools, summer camps or at home, My Little Garden also offers online classes that teach us how to grow food, while enhancing our EQ. The right tools, like organic soil, seeds, fertilizer, and containers are effective, but so too is the process. For example, the depth at which we plant seeds determines its growth potential. If it is planted too superficially the wind may carry the seed away. Too deep and it will not have the strength to sprout. The project teaches fundamental principles in science, math, social skills, accountability, and more. The innovation also supports the creation of organic soil to regenerate the planet.

How has it been spreading?

My Little Garden is a project of The Little Urban Farm and Journey Institute. Founded in Thailand in 2018, the project is undergoing licensure in Brazil, Portugal and China. The online program teaches students how to plant and grow a garden. The innovation is spreading because issues like climate change & Covid-19 reflect our failure to produce and distribute food and resources effectively. It is becoming more and more evident that if we do not shift our values towards shared production we will face conflicts, disputes and wars for resources. The enactment of 'creation over competition' contributes to a better world. The innovation is growing as its founder connects with other like innovations that put the planet before profit.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

You can visit The Little Urban Farm and request a presentation and a proposal to represent the business in your city. If you are based in Brazil or Portugal you can send a message to the Facebook page. In Thailand, find us at:

Impact & scalability

HundrED Academy Reviews

It is already being scaled/piloted in other countries and I can imagine it would be very successful in my country and context too. I will definitely be contacting them to see how we can bring it to Botswana.

This is such important practical learning for children to learn the food cycle and connect to what they are eating. The resources mean that even the most urban schools could have a go at growing a small vegetable garden.

- Academy member
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