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Sagar Satyal
Bhawana Shrestha

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We create self-reflective learning experiences to improve school climate through Emotional Intelligence.

My Emotions Matter

The 2019 Gallup Global Emotions Report concluded that Nepal is among the 10 most negative countries in the world. My Emotions Matter believes that positive changes in these findings can only come about through the introduction of Social and Emotional Learning in schools. We work not only with students, but also with teacher, parents, and administrations to improve school climate through EI.

We need to talk about emotions!

Aprajita Jha, Linchpin at My Emotions Matter
“"The process of teaching doesn't just require intellectual labor. It also seeks social and emotional competence. The fellows (teachers) of Changing Stories had to agree to this notion after participating in our session. They realized that becoming aware of and regulating their emotions is important to connect with the students on an emotional level and for their own well being." ”

Aprajita Jha, Linchpin at My Emotions Matter

Emotions matter. They affect our learning, the decisions we make, how we treat others, and our own personal well-being. 

Emotions drive people. People drive performance.

We are a values-based education initiative that creates self-reflective learning experiences to improve school climate through emotional intelligence. We believe in a self-aware and empathetic world; where people are aware, intentional, and purposeful.

‘How are you feeling?’

This question, at least in the context of Nepal, is taken lightly. Although we generally get ‘good’ or ‘fine’ as the standard answer, the ability to answer this question with insight can change our lives. 

Yet, feelings-based conversations don’t seem to happen enough at home or at school. A 2013 research by Dr. Travis Bradberry and team revealed that Nepal is one of the least self-aware countries in the world. Only 38% of the population were able to express what sort of emotions they experienced a day prior.  

My Emotions Matter is committed to developing the capacity to identify and express our feelings in a way that fosters positive relationships. 

We transform schools into emotionally safe zones through:

Transformative Heart Space : Self-reflective experiences to know where you are before shifting to where you want to be. 

Develop Emotional Leadership: Set high emotional standards to lead from the inside-out. 

Move from Fixed to Growth Mindset: Learn skills to develop your level of Emotional Intelligence. 

Insightful Feedback Loop : Get insights on the essential so that you are more aware, intentional, and purposeful.

We believe in a self-aware and empathetic world.

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Innovation Overview
3 - 18
Age Group
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Tips for implementation
To create self-reflective experiences that foster connection and trust, you can apply our LISTEN approach: At the heart of the LISTEN approach is the view that if asked meaningful questions, we can all become self-aware. To become emotionally intelligent, we have to prioritize listening: both to ourselves and people around us. Listen: I listen to myself and to others with an open mind. Introspect: I question my initial analysis. Share: I openly share my perspectives without inhibitions of right/wrong, and listen actively to that of others. Try: I go out in the 'real world' and apply my new found/enhanced perspective in life. Express: I reflect: were my thoughts and actions consistent with the kind of person I aspire to become? Nurture: I cultivate the practice of continuously reflecting on myself so that I'm more aware, intentional, and purposeful. We encourage using interactive materials to help participants open up and share. Learn more about LISTEN at
Contact information
Sagar Satyal
Bhawana Shrestha

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