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My Emotions Matter

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We help learners understand, and resolve interpersonal concerns through self-reflective experiences.

Research has shown that access to education is directly connected to the general well-being, social and emotional learning, and mental health of adolescents, especially girls in Nepal. Teachers have a critical role to play to address this. Yet for years Nepali teachers have reported a lack of SEL skills and preparation needed to play this role for their students.



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April 2023
MEM classes have helped me become a better person and grow mentally. My friends and family have noticed this new change in me and are very happy about it. These classes should be held in many schools

About the innovation

Connection Before Correction

Emotions matter. They affect our learning, the decisions we make, how we treat others, and our own personal well-being.

Emotions drive people. People drive performance.

We are a values-based education initiative that creates self-reflective learning experiences to improve holistic education through emotional intelligence. We believe in a self-aware and empathetic world; where people are aware, intentional, and purposeful.

‘How are you feeling?’

This question, at least in the context of Nepal, is taken lightly.Although we generally get ‘good’ or ‘fine’ as the standard answer, the ability to answer this question with insight can change our lives.

Yet, feelings-based conversations don’t seem to happen enough at home or at school. When it comes to education, we usually resort to shutting down what learners are going through, or consoling them. We might be keen on helping and there is nothing wrong with that intent. But, when we start thinking of words to throw at others to console or advise them before establishing a connection with them, there are chances that the other person will not feel heard or acknowledged in a way they would like. Connection is extremely important when we think of holistic education.

My Emotions Matter is committed to developing the capacity to identify and express our feelings in a way that fosters positive relationships that are crucial for holistic education.

We are working on holistic education through improved school climates by creating emotionally safe zones in schools through:

Transformative Heart Space
Self-reflective experiences to know where you are before shifting to where you want to be.

Developing Emotional Leadership:Set high emotional standards to lead from the inside-out.

Moving from Fixed to Growth Mindset: Learn skills to develop your level of Emotional Intelligence.

Insightful Feedback Loop
Get insights on the essential so that you are more aware, intentional, and purposeful.

We believe in a self-aware and empathetic world.

Spread of the innovation

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