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Digital education specialists community for underserved students

HITCH transforms teachers into digital education specialists with impactful transferrable skills, through intensive training and practicums, focused on creating immersive learning experiences for underserved students.

HundrED 2023


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HundrED Global Collection 2023

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Target group
February 2021
The learning package ensures children can access online fit-for-purpose resources, organised by their levels & grades. It's much needed & equips teachers to be collaborators & facilitators of learning

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

We're building an educational video library aligned to local curricula & textbooks for underserved users. While interacting with teachers on our platform, we realized that so many of them struggled with finding, assessing, & using open education resources online, because of time, connectivity, & digital literacy. We realized teachers need practical skills to transition into digital specialists.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

We've built a digital content curation platform enabling teachers to quickly find, tag, and save open education resources (OERs) collaboratively, to be vetted via communal peer-review, then shared from a common curriculum-aligned digital library. Specifically, teachers learn to "curate" online resources with specific curriculum attributes (e.g. grade, subject, topic, etc.), for sharing with other teachers, based on standardized hierarchy/format for curricula learning outcomes. HITCH converts curricula documents (doc, pdf, etc.) to plaintext (txt), then applies advanced pattern matching to infer data hierarchy, fetch, and use curricula data for organizing a massive OER content library. This library is stored online (https://app.hitch.video) & on offline hardware (https://youtu.be/UL2BOkrjp98) for easy access. We're working with the University of Waterloo & Lagos State MOE, to deploy HITCH to K-12 teachers in Nigeria, & upskill + certify their digital lesson planning & delivery capacity.

How has it been spreading?

Launched in 2018, HITCH’s unique hardware and software platform upskills & provides educators with tailored, on-demand, curated educational content available on almost any device, without the need for an internet connection. To date, we have 27 school customers, with approximately 9,000 students and another 120 teachers for our hardware and online enterprise version. We've been approved and are expanding to 40 public school customers in Nigeria in Q2 2021, and we're working with UNICEF (https://www.unicef.org/nigeria/stories/covid-19-education-transformed-through-remote-learning) and others to expand the platform into another 200 schools to serve 100,000 public school students and teachers by Q3/Q4 2021. Our goal is to reach up to 1 million students and 10,000 teachers in the next 2 years.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Teachers and students in Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and the Gambia can visit (https://app.hitch.video) to sign-up for a free account. We currently support the West African curriculum and will add support for a universal curriculum filter by Q4 2021. To reach our team email us at (support@hitch.video) and for live chat, please visit our discord channel at (https://hitch.video/discord).

Impact & scalability

HundrED Academy Reviews

A digital content curation platform enabling teachers to quickly find, tag, and save open education resources the expansion of this innovation is so brilliant with a positive aim of reaching 1 million students.

By having a digital content curation platform, this innovation makes it easy for instructors, mentors and teachers to use it from wherever in the world to strengthen their community of students and foster a more inclusive environment.

- Academy member
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High Impact
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Implementation steps

HITCH Educational Video Platform

Please, visit to sign up for a free account and start using HITCH immediately: https://app.hitch.video

HITCH Platform Overview

Spread of the innovation

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