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Democratizing cultural education through VR technology.


London, United Kingdom
With a cardboard headset and mobile app, Musemio allows every child to become a cultural explorer! Rooted in academic research, Musemio is an evidence-based edtech solution that allows children to explore cultural stories and artifacts through VR adventures. Our goal is to develop the global citizens of tomorrow, today.

Meet Musemio!

“"With Musemio, I didn't have to go to Egypt. I used my imagination, and I was there!" - Explorer, age 7 ”

What we do?

We allow every child to become an explorer of art and culture. Musemio is a VR edtech platform that brings culture to life. Through mobile VR, children adventure through curriculum-led quests featuring interactive artifacts inspired by cultural partners around the world. 

Why we do it?

Musemio started from two women from opposite ends of the world aiming to conquer one question: how do we make arts and culture more exciting for children of today?

We believe in the power of curiosity and creativity and that every child should have the ability to learn what they love. With mobile technology, children could share in the museum narratives that have shaped our past and advocate for our future; experience the messages of change behind four walls in their homes; have limitless curiosity to rediscover the past.


Since January, Musemio has built, developed, and successfully tested a four level MVP featuring artifacts and interactive stories from partners around the world, like the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology. 

Our product differentiates itself from any other VR on the market by our innovative movement style that allows for an Oculus-style freedom at a fraction of the cost. We also have our content built upon the best storytelling techniques and evidence-based pedagogy, rooted in research by UCL Educate and xEdu.

With support by European Enterprise Network, we are on boarding cultural partners from around the world from Greece to London to be featured and share their stories on our platform!

We have worked with schools and parents across Finland and the UK and wit are excited to democratize cultural content to children across the world. 

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Innovation Overview
7 - 12
Age Group
Tips for implementation
With mobile VR, Musemio can be implemented with the simplicity of a mobile app and cardboard headset.
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