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Making a difference in education by personalising learning for all students

Mindspark Vernacular - Personalised Adaptive Learning

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Mindspark is a Personalised Adaptive Learning (PAL) tool that solves misconceptions by providing students with competency-based individualised instruction. Through this, it enables Teaching at the Right Level, while giving educators actionable insights into student learning needs. Customisable across contexts and languages, Mindspark has impacted over 400,000 students in India and South Africa.
Karthik Muralidharan, Professor of Economics (UCSD); Co-Chair-Education (J-PAL)
It (Mindspark) is better than anything I’ve ever seen in 15 years of educational research.

Karthik Muralidharan, Professor of Economics (UCSD); Co-Chair-Education (J-PAL)


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Why did you create this innovation?

In India, most students do not achieve foundational literacy and numeracy or expected learning levels. Multi-grade classrooms, insufficient teacher training, and reliance on rote-learning worsen this problem. Solutions like 'Teaching at the Right Level' have proven effective but difficult to scale, causing learning deficits which disproportionately affect students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

How does your innovation work in practice?

Mindspark uses Bayesian Knowledge Tracing and artificial-intelligence-based algorithms to enable personalized learning for students in maths, vernacular languages and English. It establishes individual learning levels through a screening test and dynamically adjusts each student's learning path based on their subsequent responses to questions, allowing them to learn at their own pace. Insights from student usage also help teachers enhance in-class instruction.
Being device agnostic, Mindspark can be used on computers, tablets, and smartphones, whether in schools, after-school centres or at home. It is accessible both through web browsers and a mobile application.
India’s only rigorously tested PAL software, Mindspark has undergone four 3rd-party evaluations. These show that users learn at least 2x more than non-users at a fraction of the cost of schooling as usual. An independent study also demonstrated that Mindspark usage would increase lifetime earnings by 5-15%.

How has it been spreading?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ei brought Mindspark to 120,000+ students at home. With >50% female user base, it also overcame the gender digital divide. Ei also adapted Mindspark implementation to reach 170,000+ students in after-school learning programmes and launched pilot projects in South Africa.
Now, Ei is solving challenges that hinder public school adoption of EdTech in capacity-constrained settings. By addressing stakeholder concerns and devising optimum support levels needed to enhance learning outcomes, Ei will generate public knowledge and catalyse government procurement of EdTech. Through improved product quality and usage, Ei aims to help Mindspark users learn 10x relative to non-users, while reducing cost per-child, per-year to USD 2, impacting 2,000,000 students by 2025.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

You can access a free trial of Mindspark at

If you would like to partner with us to implement Mindspark, you can contact us at, or


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