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Meghshala uses technology to transform teachers into instructional leaders, at scale.


Marker India
Meghshala is a non-profit charitable trust based out of Bengaluru, India. Meghshala was founded by Jyoti Thyagarajan and Sridhar Ranganathan in 2013 with the intention of using technology to provide tools and resources for teachers to improve quality of education in government schools. We were awarded top 20 social innovations award by NITI-AAYOG in 2017 and work with 15000+ teachers across India.

What is Meghshala?

“Meghshala believes that teachers shape the future of their students everyday. Our Meghshala teachkits contextualise world class pedagogic practices into everyday classroom learning with the use of images, videos, activities and strategies. This helps convert the classroom into an active learning space. Providing teaching ideas to effectively execute these lessons in the class ensures that teachers receive in-context training. With this, teachers can deliver excellent lessons in the classroom leading to transformational outcomes for students, at scale!”

Jyoti Thyagarajan, Founder

The developing world is on the cusp of new breakthroughs in a plethora of fields from medicine to agriculture enabled by a wave of innovations in technology. Quality education, however, continues to be elusive. 

At Meghshala, we believe that the most effective way to transform our education system at scale is to empower the heart of our education system: our teachers. And we do this through our core innovation : TeachKits. 

TeachKits are world-class, curriculum-aligned, multimedia teaching resources that are delivered to teachers via an easy-to-use android application. The teacher uses these lessons either as an in-classroom facilitation tool or as a pre-classroom preparation tool to enhance her classroom instructional expertise. 

We believe that continuous use of our TeachKits helps teachers upskill themselves from simple content delivery to classroom facilitation expertise and instructional leadership.

The crisis in our education system cannot be solved by a product alone. It has to be addressed by creating a robust process around the entire adoption. To ensure sustainability, we concentrate on user experience, feedback, and providing real-time resources to maximise efficiency. 

Our team of Implementation Associates and Managers are available both on-site and on-call for teachers. Individual and customised attention is given to teachers based on their requirements which is decided through the usage and feedback collected through the Meghshala App.

Going forward, Meghshala will provide this solution to Govt. Resource persons and train them on efficient usage to ensure sustainability and accountability of this innovation.

Meghshala believes that teachers shape the future of their students everyday. 

Our focus on teachers creates the much-desired multiplier effect we require to address the problem of education in India. We focus on custom training and scalability at the same time. 

We hope that you take look at the Meghshala App that is available on the Google Playstore and find our work useful and meaningful.

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Intended Outcomes
1 - 18
Age Group
Resources Needed
Android-enabled Smartphone
HundrED Criteria
Spread across India with 16,000 users to date.

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A totally teacher centric app, aligned to the syllabus that a teacher needs to teach in a classroom. All lessons promote student engagement to make it a wholesome learning experience. An edtech initiative with education as the primary focus and technology which then becomes just an enabler
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Meghashala, making classrooms true centres of learning
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We believe in the power of every teacher.
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