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Innovative Teaching Support Package (ITSP)

place Pakistan

Continuous Professional Development for Primary School Teachers and Assistant Education Officers

To improve the classroom practices of 193,000 primary school teachers during COVID times and beyond, the Punjab government (Pakistan) developed a video-based mobile app and Moodle space for school mentors and teachers to upgrade their skills. The platform is low-cost, popular with teachers, and scalable, allowing it to be used as a blended professional development system for the years to come


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January 2021
ITSP has not only improved teachers' understanding of classroom practices, but has also given us resources to mentor and support teachers with improving their pedagogical skills.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

A survey on teaching quality along with system-wide classroom observations confirmed that teachers follow poor teaching practices. This had led the government to conclude that existing data systems and cascade training was inadequate. A technology that could show teachers good practice, provide opportunities to practice, with the potential to reach all teachers became the logical answer

What does your innovation look like in practice?

The Innovative Teacher Support Package (ITSP) is a continuous professional development program, supported by the World Bank’s PESP-3 program. The course is available via an android app or through a Moodle website. The content is presented in a digital format and covers 11 specific teaching practices (local adaptation of validated Teach tool) and contains information, videos, and infographics on effective teacher classroom practices. The app guides teachers to self-study and practice to improve. Additionally, ITSP is connected with monthly face-to-face mentoring sessions where school mentors (Assistant Education Officers [AEOs]) observe teachers and provide tailored feedback. This is reinforced with monthly Teacher Forums where teachers shared good practices. The data collected from the AEOs is used to improve the ITSP by improving the material for which teachers struggle. Moreover, the package is scalable, allowing for new modules to be added as new needs arise.

How has it been spreading?

Despite school closures due to COVID, ITSP has been a breakthrough intervention, which introduces remote learning for 193,000 primary school teachers & 3,300 school mentors, allowing them to use this time to upgrade their skill set. A pilot was done successfully in the first 2 months of pandemic when the country was in complete lockdown. ITSP is a low-cost intervention, costing approx. $6.9/user/year, making it a long-term solution. Moreover, modules in ITSP are being updated, based on continuous feedback from teachers, making it a sustainable solution to teachers for improving their pedagogical skills. Currently, there have been 85k+ unique logins and users have responded positively to ITSP during feedback sessions, emphasizing its importance in their continuous professional development

If I want to try it, what should I do?

The School Education Department (Punjab) may be contacted to understand/adapt the model. As a first step, a needs assessment using a classroom observation tool is needed to gauge current status of teaching practices. All course content is open source & accessible by these links: (UN:qa_live; PW:qwerty12345),

Spread of the innovation

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