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Research-based method for schools to help pupils and families in school engagement

Let´s talk about children - An Effective Child & Family Method for schools

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Let’s Talk about Children Intervention discussion methods for schools is a low threshold method for teachers to have better understanding of pupils and families situation and help them in school engagement. Let´s talk about children Method has been modified for schools to support positive parenthood and child development through comprenhensive understanding of teachers.
LET’S TALK ABOUT CHILDREN; Tytti Solantaus - creator of method

Marja-Leena Bilund, ; trainer, teacher, innovator


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Updated on January 28th, 2021
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Let´s talk about children - Mind the Gap

What we do?  

Through Let´s talk about children Method teachers can be helped to face the reality that pupils are living outside the school. There is too often a gap between pupils and teachers. The teachers are not aware enough of the "strengths" and "vulnerabilities"  in pupils lives. Especially teachers could have more information of hidden competences that could be used in classroom helping pupils to get through school and challanges in their lives generally.

Why we do it? 

There are too many dropouts in our school system and difficulties in school engagement that things must be changed.  Let´s talk about children discussion is a research based method through which good results can be reached. We are working to change the attitudes of teachers to understand how important comprehensive understanding of pupils and families is for studying. We teachers are for pupils and families - asking; " What can we do to help you to find you way in this school system? How can we help you to find your way in this life? " We teachers are here to help not judging.


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