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Learning paths in remote education.

Learning paths in remote education: practical training for teaching in COVID-19 pandemic.

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To quickly improve professors skills for remote teaching during the closure educational institutions, 300 professors was trained to plan online learning paths, teaching objectives, resources for learning stimuli and formative assessment. For this, I created materials and delivered to coordinator courses after a virtual meeting, whose repercussions can be seen in professors and students classes.
Nícolas' classes had a lot of influence in our lives in corona virus pandemic . His classes very simple structured, came with very clearly and objectivity. I will never forget his teaching.

Jhorrara Araujo da Silva Lacerda


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Why did you create this innovation?

This training was organized for professors who needed to quickly improve their skills for remote teaching during the closure of Brazilian educational institutions in 2020, a critical period in which there was great disbelief and demotivation among students worldwide.

How does your innovation work in practice?

To improve professor skills, I trained around 300 professors to plan learning paths in remote education, develop teaching objectives aligned with the class theme and safely choose learning resources, such as active methodologies and digital educational technologies, as well as as formative assessment strategies. For this, I created a reference tutorial, with class based on my previous experience as a professor, as well as consultative infographics to assist in structuring remote classes. In addition, standardized slides were prepared for Health, Law, Engineering, Administration and Information Technology courses. All materials were delivered to the professores after a workshop. The repercussions of training can be seen in level of students satisfaction and engagement in remote classes and professor safety. The continuity of this practice resulted in an online course, aiming to expand quality remote education, minimizing losses in the educational process.

How has it been spreading?

Initially, I was hired for a university consultancy and developed several training strategies with practical, self-explanatory materials, in an online meeting. Then, I distributed personalized didactic kits to all coordinators of the institution's course. Professors in all courses were instructed to use the materials in the preparation of their remote classes. Continuing with the objective of expanding the teacher training strategy at regional and national level, a more in-depth course module on learning paths in distance education is published. It is still necessary to strengthen the teaching competences and skills in distance education, which proved to be fragile in the corona virus pandemic. Remote education is an avant-garde teaching model that will be the reality of education.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

To learn about the materials developed to train teaching skills for remote teaching, contact me at or watch the videos made available in that publication.


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