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LRTT (Limited Resource Teacher Training)

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We bring teachers together from diverse countries to share ideas, grow as educators and get every child learning.

Harnessing the energy of teachers from economically developed countries by empowering them as mentors we help thousands of teachers in low resource contexts get every child learning. Our programmes provide all teachers with a unique opportunity to be part of an equitable exchange that upskills and energises teachers, while strengthening local organisations.



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November 22nd, 2022
Since 2012, we’ve mobilised 1000 Teachers to become LRTT Fellows and commit their teaching summers to supporting the 15 locally-led teacher development organisations we’re partnered with to train more than 5000 teachers in 11 countries across the world.

About the innovation

Building a Global Teacher Movement

Teachers across the world are passionate about helping their students succeed. But too many teachers lack the training and support that great teaching depends on. 

LRTT is a social enterprise that up-skills and energises teaching communities around the world. Our unique funding model creates mutual benefits for all teachers involved to learn and share from each other to grow as educators. In 2018 over 550 teachers are self-funding their Fellowship programme to support the training of their colleagues in developing countries during their summer holidays.

It all started with 5 Teachers in Uganda. In 2012, we led teacher training for 26 Ugandan teachers and realised we were doing something no one else was.

We grew quickly through partnerships. Over the next 2 years, we developed our partnership model for teacher development and began working in Tanzania, Nepal, India, & Guyana

Building a global teacher movement. By 2015 we had trained over 3000 teachers across 9 countries around the world and were beginning to see the impact of our community.

Inspiring teachers in over 40 countries. Today, Fellows from around the world join our team and become educational mentors to teachers in limited resource contexts.

Our Training. Our training model is underpinned by the key values of: mutual empowerment, collaboration and sharing, sustainability and a focus on innovation. Using our 6 key principles for effective teaching and a cyclical model of professional development, Fellows and Teachers diagnose needs and agree a personalised plan professional development to develop skills, knowledge and mindsets.

Our 6 principles of effective teaching:

  • Mindset
  • Climate for Learning
  • Preparation for Teaching
  • Teaching for Learning
  • Assessment for Learning
  • Professional Culture

Each pair of Fellows works closely with 8-10 in-country teachers over a cycle of observations, workshops and structured coaching and mentoring conversations. A small group dynamic allows for rapid understanding, targeted support, and opportunities to practice new strategies. 

Our Partners: We co-design our training across 3 year programmes with our local partners (NGOs, governments and universities) to contextualise our training. We support the capacity building of lead teachers, head teachers and school officers so that they are empowered to co-plan the training with our Fellows and continue to champion communities of learning in their schools between the Fellowships.

Our Impact: Our 2017 results found that 89% of teachers involved in the programme are returning to their classrooms more passionate about education. 87% of our Fellows and Teachers said that LRTT enhanced their leadership skills. 100% of our partners would recommend collaborating with us. 

We track the self-efficacy and development of skills and knowledge of all the teachers and Fellows involved in our programmes. We are constantly iterating our innovative data collection tools to enable us to provide personalised teacher professional development programmes. 

Our Scale: LRTT has a proven teacher development model that is scaling again in 2019 to support 40 Fellowships, across 11 countries, through recruiting 1000 Fellows who will share and work alongside 5000 in-country teachers.

Implementation steps

Find out more about joining our Global Teacher Movement

1. Watch our videos from different Fellowships

2. Read the stories from different teachers

3. Read about our impact

Complete your application form

1. Fill in our short application form and wait to hear about arranging an interview.

2. Speak to one of our team leaders (current teachers and former Fellows) to discuss your application and find out more about the Fellowship programmes.

3. If you are successful you will be invited to join the team, have a chance to connect with the other teachers in your group and start the pre-departure planning and training. 

Partner with LRTT to co-design a new programme

Visit our partner page for more information and get in touch with Sarah.Grant@lrtt.org to discuss how we can collaborate together.

Spread of the innovation

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