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Kolibri is an open-source educational platform giving offline access to an openly licensed content library for use in low-resource contexts


San Diego, California
Kolibri is lightweight and available offline to overcome the challenges faced in low-bandwidth contexts, supporting differentiated instruction and personalized learning. With content available in a variety of languages, the Kolibri ecosystem includes the offline application, the online curriculum tool Kolibri Studio, and a customizable Kolibri Toolkit.

Bridging the digital divide to foster effective learning

What we do?

At Learning Equality, we build open-source educational software that enables high-quality learning resources to be distributed on low-cost hardware, and integrated into communities in low-bandwidth or offline contexts -- including tools to support self-paced learning, blended learning, and peer instruction. We partner with governments, NGO’s, and individuals around the world to implement our solutions in low-resource schools, community centers, prisons, libraries, orphanages, and refugee camps -- bringing opportunities for quality education to communities that previously had very little. Building on lessons from 6 million users of KA Lite which brought Khan Academy’s videos and interactive exercises offline, Kolibri is being used with partners across 32 countries around the world. 

Why we do it?

We are dedicated to enabling equitable access to quality basic education, for learners all around the world. Education is a powerful force for enabling opportunity and social mobility, yet there is inequitable distribution of learning opportunities and outcomes globally, with hundreds of millions of children out of school, and hundreds of millions more in school but not learning, preventing them from reaching their full potential. 

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Innovation Overview
6 - 18
Age Group
6 000 000
Tips for implementation
Kolibri can be downloaded and used offline, with the following: 1) Power source 2) Offline local connection - creating a local intranet with a wifi hotspot or LAN 3) Server - Ex: raspberry Pi computer, laptop computer, etc. 4) Client device - Ex: tablet, computer, other mobile device.
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Learning Equality
Kolibri v0.12 Overview
Learning Equality + Learning Equality | Closing Global Education Gaps


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Explore Kolibri
Visit our kolibri demo site to explore the features of Kolibri, and to browse a sample selection of our open source content library.
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Understand how to set up Kolibri
Read through our hardware guide to understand what kind of setup is needed to implement and install Kolibri. The Kolibri Toolkit includes documentation and guidance on how to install, implement, and train others with Kolibri.
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Align learning resources for your implementation
Create an account on if you want to remix and align our existing library of open educational resources for your own curricular needs, and/or upload your own resources for use in Kolibri.
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Download Kolibri and test it in your learning environment
Download Kolibri - it can be downloaded on any server device, you can find the latest version here. Procure the required hardware for your implementation and test Kolibri in your learning setting.
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Visit and post in our community forum if you have any questions or if you run into any issues while installing and testing Kolibri.
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Train on how to use Kolibri
Train yourself, others, and your learners on how to use Kolibri. You can adapt and customize the Training Pack found in the Kolibri Toolkit.
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