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Kritika Rawat

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We reimagine education WITH children.

Kids Education Revolution

Across the world, students, who are the primary stakeholders in the system, are for the most part mere recipients of an education where their voices are often marginalized and suppressed. At KER, we believe that this can be changed by creating safe spaces for voice, working in partnership with children and by helping students unleash their potential for a better world.

Welcome to the Kids Education Revolution!

Wendy Kopp, CEO, Teach For All
“I left KER wondering how we can engage with many more educators all over the world in such a powerful experience. This could be foundational for the educational revolution we want to see! ”

Wendy Kopp, CEO, Teach For All

What we do: 

At KER, we aim to create a movement of students and educators who reimagine education together. We believe that this movement will lead us to our vision which is - 'All kids will unleash their potential for a reimagined world.’ 

KER is a platform for educators and students to explore and experiment with 3 Principles and a set of skills called the 8Cs (described below). This exploration is done through discussions and different virtual and in-person spaces such as webinars, online courses, retreats, workshops, summits and also through sharing of resources from our website and social media.

As mentioned above, our work is anchored in the learning and building of 3 core Principles:
Safe Space for Voice: We believe that a safe space is a place where kids can be who they are and say what they believe. Equally, it is a space where they practice listening to what others say without judgment and valuing others for who they uniquely are. Safe spaces can look like honest conversations, circles of dialogue and listening and classrooms where mistakes are integral stepping stones to learning.
Kids and Educators as Partners: We believe that partnership in education is where educators and students listen to and learn from each other. It shifts control and decision making from being in the hands of the adult to sharing power and responsibility with students. It enables students to play a role at all levels of the education system in determining why education matters, what education should be and how it should be delivered. Partnership can look like peer-to-peer learning or mentoring, students actively involved in school governance, students speaking at education conferences and students advising the government on education policy.
Kids as Changemakers: We believe that when kids identify a problem they care about and go through a process to find a solution they grow in their learning and leadership in unprecedented ways. We have seen children of all ages and diverse backgrounds engage in community change and grow both as students and as citizens in the process. 

Additionally, the skills or 8Cs that will ensure that our students and educators thrive in the 21st century world are:
• Creativity
• Collaboration
• Critical Thinking
• Communication
• Compassion
• Courage
• Curiosity
• Consciousness 

All of this, along with the need to bring change through the approach of love will help us reimagine education.

Why we do it:
We exist because we believe that the purpose of education needs to change as it is currently not setting up children for success. Over the years, we’ve seen that the quality of learning in schools remains low, graduation rates limit further life choices, adults do not listen to children, and that holistic education is still a nascent thought for many. The vast majority of our children will therefore grow up ill-prepared for a life of economic equality, personal fulfillment and broad contribution to the world. 
Our children tell us that they want education to be different. They want an education that gives them freedom of choice and equality to work in partnership with their teachers, an education that cultivates compassion, trust and joy, an education that gives them a safe space to be their authentic selves and to raise their voice, and an education that is fun and gives them access and exposure to opportunities, arts and sports. 

Thus, KER is a bold collective of students and educators who look into the mirror, knowing that we must reimagine education to create a better world.

Our hope for next year:
KER will become a recognized global platform that works towards driving a reimagined education for all children. Through students in governance, and amplification of innovations, we will feel the ripples of change all around the world as the 3 Principles and 8Cs will become the new normal for the 80,000 educators and students we work with. 

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Innovation Overview
Target Group
37 195
Tips for implementation
KER is a way of thinking, a shift of lens from 'working for students' to 'working with students.' Educators and students can experience and experiment with this idea in many ways- by engaging and participating in our virtual and in-person spaces, by accessing tools and resources on our website, etc.
Contact information
Kritika Rawat

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Learn more about our 3 Principles through online courses!
The true spirit and purpose of KER lies in our 3 Principles: Safe Spaces for Voice, Kids as Changemakers, and Kids and Educators as Partners. To know more about what these mean, and what they can look like in action, you can take the following online courses that we have put together.
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Understanding Student Leadership through Webinars
Over the last year, the KER Team has collaborated with multiple people and organizations to put together a series of webinars around Student Leadership. Watch the following webinar recordings to deepen your own understanding of student agency and voice.
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Learning Loop Discussion - how do you learn from students?
The KER Learning Loop, which was officially launched in August 2018, was conceptualised after recognising the need to learn from students and their journeys. This resource will guide you in understanding how to learn from students and their journeys.
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Learn how to host your own KER Summit!
KER Summits are spaces designed for educators and students to come together and listen and learn from each other.
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