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Juega Conmigo (Come Play with Me from ChildFund)

Children need to play, to learn, grow and discover!

Half of the children in Guatemala are malnourished. Beyond food, early childhood needs to achieve its integral development, the best way to achieve it is through playful parenting. Come Play with Me train technical staff from local organizations, government institutions and community leaders on playful parenting interventions for primary caregivers with no access to early learning services.

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Target group
September 2023
That children achieve a comprehensive development and become lifelong creative learners through meaningful play, promoted by their primary caregivers.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

We created this innovation to promote playful parenting. With the arrival of the pandemic, we made the necessary adjustments to maintain an early childhood program in a remote modality in contexts with difficult physical and technological access.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Despite the pandemic, we managed to maintain contact with families through the broadcast of spots and radio programs in local and community radios. Beyond the pandemic, we discovered that this modality of promoting playful parenting has a positive impact on the acquisition of knowledge and attitudes towards early childhood playful activities. To build the model, we took advantage of our previous experiences and curriculum (Window of Life and Reach Up) that promotes playful activities in face to face modalities and adapted them to scripts with specific indicators. We produced the radio programs and short videos. We build a monitor system to verify that radios and mobile speakers were broadcasting the spots and radio programs. And also we called a sample of families to carry out a KAP (Knowledge, Attitude and Practices) survey every three months for one year. The results indicate that this remote modality is very useful to promote the Knowledge and Attitude towards playful activities.

How has it been spreading?

-After our first pilot in 2020, we received funds to scale up to longer radio programs.
-We generated evidence on how the remote modality works in difficult contexts like Guatemala, and how to adapt the content to different cultures (4 Mayan languages).
-We share our first set of spots with other countries such as Mexico, Honduras, Brazil, Ethiopia and Uganda, and they adapted it to their own cultures and replicate them.
-For the next years, we plan to scale up the radio model to a country level and resume the face to face activities.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

If someone wants to adopt our model, they can adapt the content to their languages and context. We could share our lessons learned. Our contact is and our web page

Impact & scalability

HundrED Academy Reviews

This innovation provides internal data to support the impact of remote modality on children's knowledge and attitude towards playful activities.

This innovation has successful scaling efforts, evidence generation in challenging contexts, adaptation to different cultures and languages, and sharing and replication of content in multiple countries, making it highly scalable.

- Academy member
Academy review results
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Implementation steps

Identify your target audiences, your key message, design a Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning system, etc.
Select the content
Select the content from methodologies already proven in practice (we propose Window of Life and Reach Up and Learn).
Select an audio format
Select the format in which you want to record the radio programs (radio drama, interviews...).
Creative writing
Write the scripts in the selected format, with the content of the methodologies. Practice your voices, ask for feedback to a focus group. Improve your scripts.
Produce your audios
Record the scripts with quality, make it entertained! Add familiar sounds (according to the target group), repeat your key message to be have a better impact.
Disseminate through the means that suit your target audience. These could be radio stations, Spotify, YouTube, WhatsApp reminders, SMS, etc.
Mesuare and learn
Measure whether the programs are fulfilling their mission or not. Also, this action depends on how the target group communicates: by phone, by a form, by social media. This information will be useful to improve your audios.

Spread of the innovation

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