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Jr Architect Studio by HouseStories

Engaging Youth with the Built Environment through systems thinking and hands-on projects to prepare them for creating a resilient future.

Take a hands-on journey around the globe for World Geography! HouseStories series of 13 distinct kits are designed to be built within 60-90 minutes using masking tape, scissors and/or glue! Each house is curated to show how relationships between geography, climate, materials and lifestyle can influence its shape and construction. Includes a quest-based curriculum aligned to middle-grades.


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Target group
April 2020
The story of our constructed universe is embodied in simple houses from around the globe...... and each house is a chapter from a great epic tale of how humans inhabit the earth.

About the innovation

Engaging Youth With the Built Environment

Why we do it?

50% of the world has yet to be built. In oder to preserve ourselves and the planet, we need a framework to think about our built environment which connects ourselves to our culture, land, climate and natural resources. These projects encourage story telling, empathy building, networked thinking and communication around how to build our collective future.

What do we do? 

When we pick up materials, our hands are intuitively eager to figure out how to assemble them. Depending on the type of materials, that assembly could include molding, carving, stacking, tying, combining, weaving or layering. When the assembly process is architecture, we create textures, light, sounds and smells that interact with our senses and inform about location, geography, science, culture and much more.  All this through interactive, modular experiences exploring the sensory-cognitive process of making space from materials found in different geographies.

Building on the principles outlined above, participants will understand what creating space of different textures, light, sound and smells means for different materials, methods, geographies and cultures, and how this can link us to nature. The experience includes tactile elements, VR/AR, large-scale projections interacting in real time. By highlighting the synergies between our senses, the space surrounding us, and the interconnected capabilities of technology, we craft a better understanding of how nature and our built environment are, as Physicist Carlo Rovelli says, “a swarming of elementary processes” and “interactive relationships”.

Spread of the innovation

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