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InTecEdu: open platform for technology integration in education.

place Brazil

Open platform for construction, management and integration of remote laboratories in lesson plans in basic education, in the public-schools.

InTecEdu is a platform for integrating technology into education, which includes teacher training and laboratory practices. It includes the training of teachers, construction system and management of remote laboratories of low cost and methodology for their integration in teaching and learning processes. Based on open resources, it is a replicable technology that can contribute to public education



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October 2020
Education does not transforms the world. Education changes people. People change the world. - Paulo Freire

About the innovation

InTecEdu: open platform for technology integration in education.

What we do?

The main objective is to arouse interest in science and technology among adolescents. Therefore, it sought to develop STEM competencies (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) in children and adolescents.

To fulfill the main objective, strategies related to students and teachers were developed.

In the 2014-2020 period, 558 teachers participated in training activities, intending to integrate technologies into lesson plans. Currently, 40 Basic Education schools, including an indigenous and a rural school, from the public-school system, in the states of Santa Catarina, Minas Gerais, and the Rio Grande do Sul, in Brazil, using the project’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). In these 284 teachers, 483 classes, and 12,075 students accessed didactic content, produced by teachers, at VLE. Also, 20 laboratories were available in 26 instances, for use in practical activities in disciplines in the STEM areas.

The InTecEdu providing a repository of practices for sharing and reuse of lesson plans developed by teachers participating in the research. Technical documents, manuals, and guides for robotics, computer programming, electronics and new technology workshops for students. Technical documents, manuals, and guides for remote laboratories. Data collected in the applied questionnaires. Technical documents, manuals, and guides for robotics, computer programming, electronics and new technology workshops for students.

Why we do it?

The main results of the InTecEdu are related to the training of human resources, knowledge production, and educational innovation. About the training of human resources, we sought to contribute to the training of teachers concerning technology in education and, with that, arouse greater interest on the part of students, as well as obtain improvements in their learning from teaching methodologies supported on the use of digital technologies. On the other hand, the production of knowledge, in the program and the socialization of research, is favored by the model based on open-source resources, both in terms of software and hardware and with open educational resources. This characteristic favor and expands the potential for reapplying research and, consequently, its contribution to educational innovation.

In relation to students, it is expected increase in motivation due to the creation of new teaching and learning opportunities. The fact of extending the classroom and school, through remote laboratories, to support practical activities and the use of VLE, was also pointed out as a very positive factor. On the other hand, the realization of the workshops, inspired by practices of the Maker Culture, provide an approximation of these to the skills of the real world, which will certainly favor their employability. Regarding the teachers, it is noticed the continuity and expansion in the use of technological resources in the classroom; many sought and have participated in new training actions.

The InTecEdu since it is based on open-source resources, both software and hardware, and with open educational resources, in order to encourage their socialization and reapplication.

Spread of the innovation

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