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Rebecca Kantar

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Building educational assessments that measure how people think, not just what they know


Los Angeles, United States
Standardized tests shape how and what schools teach. Recognizing the linchpin role assessments play in our education system, Imbellus designs tests to re-orient schools to prepare students not just for college, but for work and for life. Our tests look and feel like sophisticated video games, but are also rigorous measures of deep thinking skills like problem-solving and metacognition.

What is Imbellus?

Rebecca Kantar, CEO
“The reality is: What we test determines what we teach. Assessments should detect the 21st-century skills that college, work, and life require.”

Rebecca Kantar, CEO

What we do?

Imbellus builds cognitive assessments that measure how people think, not just what they know.

Why we do it?

Standardized tests have served as gatekeepers to higher education and professional careers for well over 100 years, but they have evolved very little despite the shifting needs of students and employers. 

Today’s education system tries to teach mastery of what machines already rule—content knowledge and processing speed—when we need to focus on the more complex dimensions of skills that will remain distinctly human. For that, we need a new era of assessment capable of evaluating deep thinking skills.

With this kind of assessment, schools will be incentivized and empowered to teach in ways that are more real-world relevant and engaging for students. With evolved instruction, we will graduate more students prepared for the 21st century and give them a fair shot at a good life.

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Rebecca Kantar

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