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Katherine Trujillo

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Ribbon HUNDRED 2018
Want to help vulnerable communities with life-saving information?

Ideas Box

Ideas Box is a portable media toolkit that contains books, games, entertainment devices, and tablets designed to spark learning and imagination. The Box runs on a low-energy generator and can be assembled in 20 minutes. Prior to shipping an Ideas Box, Libraries without Borders works with in-country representatives to identify what equipment best suits recipients' needs in terms of language, geography, and culture.

What is the Ideas Box?

In the aftermath of conflict or catastrophe, people have the immediate need for food, shelter and healthcare. Once these are met, communities need to rebuild the social ties of civil society and develop skills needed to earn a livelihood. Safe access to educational and cultural materials is required to empower communities to work towards a self-reliant future.

Robust and easily transportable, Ideas Box is a portable multi-media toolkit designed to bring education, culture and information to vulnerable communities across the globe. Set up in just 20 minutes, the Ideas Box contains everything required to create a library, cinema and media centre in some of the most challenging environments worldwide. Each box has its own network and power systems and has furniture integrated into its unique design.

Starting as a response to educational need in refugee camps, boxes are now sent to underserved communities both in developed and developing countries. Highly flexible, their content is curated to meet the needs and languages of the users.

Ideas Box learning areas provide a safe space for at risk young people and those affected by humanitarian disaster. The potential for education as a force for peace is being explored with boxes sent to the demilitarised zones in Colombia.  

Teachers can use Ideas Box to enhance the quality of the education they provide through the use of multimedia and offline resources. They can access innovative teaching methods and plan their lessons using Ideas Box. Teachers have noticed that students are more curious and more engaged when using the box.

Ideas Box brings communities together to share, learn and create. As well as accessing information, communities are encouraged to collect information and create their own content. Ideas Box has a KoomBook which can allow 30 users to connect simultaneously, share information in many formats and automatically upload all content created offline.

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Innovation Overview
Target Group
1 464
Tips for implementation
The Ideas Box takes just 20 minutes for 4-5 people to set up.
Contact information
Katherine Trujillo
HundrED Review

The Ideas Box is a revolutionary media centre which removes physical barriers to learning for users affected by humanitarian disasters.


A study has shown that Ideas Box increases academic performance by 23%. Ideas Box won the Google Impact Award France.


The Ideas Box can adapt to meet the differing needs of under-served communities worldwide. Ideas Boxes are used in several countries and can be easily adapted into different languages and to meet the needs of different communities.


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Ideas Box - Access to education, information and culture in humanitarian situations.
Meet the Ideas Box: A Library/Media Center ready in 20 minutes!


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Identify communities in need
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Work with in-country representatives to identify what equipment would best suit recipients in terms of language, geography, and culture
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Time to ship!
Ship the Ideas Box to the designated site, such as refugee or IDP camps, or local communities.
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Set up
Unload and set-up the Ideas Box.
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Launch the Ideas Box within the community.
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