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Creatica Lab

Want to inspire a generation of makers?

Creatica Lab challenge communities to rethink education through hosting immersive, hands-on creation makerspaces that leverage interactive technology and innovative designs.

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October 2017
We empower kids to be innovators and makers of the future.

About the innovation

What is Creatica Lab?

Many young people are motivated by technology and the chance to design and make something of their own. The opportunity to practice these skills can be invaluable, as they are highly beneficialin both life and work. Yet most learners do not have a platform to do so, as schools often lack the funding, space and expertise to offer this type of learning in-house.

In addition to this, young people can feel pressured to conform to educational standards, such as passing entrance exams, and to pursue certain careers due to societal expectations. The opportunity to work alongside professionals from different fields and to see different models of success can encourage young people to explore the idea of careers in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts andMaths), which they may not have previously considered.

Creatica Lab was established in China to provide children with a suitable space to explore design thinking, develop creative confidence and build skills. Originally a summer camp, Creatica Lab now also offers workshops and support to schools to establish 'makerspaces',providing access to cutting edge technology, expertise and a core curriculum.

One of Creatica's most popular classes is called Brushbot. It teaches students to make robots out of toothbrushes by wiring them to vibrating motors. Another class, Talking Buddies, teaches students to design a character, make a cardboard cut-out and make it talk by connecting it to a small recording device.

Creatica Lab strives to create and nurture a learning environment that encourages the widest, broadest and deepest range of experiences for young people, rooted in the firm belief that knowledge is a consequence of experience.

Impact & scalability

Impact & Scalability


Creatica Lab offers learners a new and exciting way to engage with cutting-edge design and technology. This kind of learning is not typically present in the classroom. They also provide services to support design & development of the makerspace itself.


Creatica Lab has had positive feedback resulting in quick growth of interest to host workshops, designs curricula & spaces, as well as collaborative projects with schools and the local community to provide engaging, empowering and holistic hands-on learning experiences for young people. After all, research showsthat makerspaces lead to collaborative community-based and school success.


Creatica Lab was started in Beijing in 2012 with a mission to engage the community to rethink education. It has since stretched beyond Beijing across Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou working in more than 15 schools with over 1000 students.

Implementation steps

Introduce the ideas of Creatica Lab

Most schools who work with Creatica Lab choose to receive training materials and support for teachers to use themselves, while some schools may also wish to receive the guidance of professional makers as mentors.

Schools can incorporate Creatica Lab lessons into their weekly schedule, or offer themas an optional subject for students to take. If a school chooses tobuild a makerspace on campus, the Creatica Labspace design team will provide assisstance every step of the way. The team lends practical support in construction, decoration and equipment adjustment.

Always keep the learners in mind

A balance of guidance and independence is important within every Creatica Lab workshop and makerspace.

A guiding system is implemented so that children can understand tools and take more initiative when they see a product.Dangerous tools are kept separately to tools that children can use freely, and these have a QR code attached that children can scan to gain more information. This increases independence and helps children to quickly becomefamiliar withthe new environment. There are also ready-made projects, such as robots and interactive statues, that children can interact with them and build up their curiosity about the tools and projects.

Start creating!

Creatica Labs are all about giving learners the opportunity to test new ideas and explore their imaginations.

With Creatica Lab, children have access to a range of technology, including 3D printing, soft circuits, laser cutting, and tools for coding and programming. Exciting activities include making robots from toothbrushes and vibrating motors, or building a talking buddy from recycled materials and voice recording technology. Many of the materials that Creatica uses for construction are inexpensive or free, such as recycling items.

Integrate creating into the curriculum

Classes can be designed around whatever learners are creating to deepen their understanding.

A class design team is responsible for developing classes based on what the makers are creating. A learner's creation can beused as a springboard to teach them how to design and monitor products and to understand how projects form.In addition to these classes, Creatica Lab also runs the One Billion Programme, aimed at middle and high school students. The programme prompts learners to think big by considering what they could do to impact one billion people after college. Classes include research and design skills so that students can consider real-world issues and the tools to solve them.

Spread of the innovation

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