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CatnClever is a AI-powered serious game that gives preschoolers a head start at school and for life.

75% of educational apps for preschoolers are of low educational quality. This is a serious problem. CatnClever fills this gap and gives children practice with math and literacy concepts through game-based lessons that also incorporates social-emotional learning and physical well-being. It is multi-subject, fully interactive, with adaptive levels of difficulty and a unique parent dashboard.

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Target group
Students early
August 2023
Our goal is to improve early learning for a worldwide audience of users at all levels of society (incl. refugees) in a range of languages and geographies. We seek to be a market leader in gamified learning for preschoolers; to build a solid base of lessons in multiple subjects; to develop an advanced adaptive learning tool; and to provide parents with digital tools they can trust.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

There are many educational apps available for schools and higher ed learners but remarkably less for preschoolers.
We are convinced about our mission: It is time to make proper use of unavoidable screen time spent by our kids in our digital age.
It is time to give children a head start at school, and to give parents confidence that game-based tools can improve their kids' learning.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Our solution provides a high-quality gamified learning experience. We reach this by working with experts from relevant fields such as early childhood education, digital learning, game design and storytelling. By applying techniques from AI to our learning platform, CatnClever gives each user a personalised learning journey by identifying his or her strengths and weaknesses, and adjusting the exercises accordingly. The lessons, moreover, motivate and encourage children’s engagement in a range of different ways, to address different learning styles: in addition to using game mechanics, the activities incorporate movement exercises, socio-emotional prompts, and real-world issues to appeal to a range of children’s interests and aptitudes. By providing children with early practice in foundational skills, CatnClever prepares them for the challenges of primary school, and gives parents the confidence of knowing that their children’s screen time is being used with a product they can trust.

How has it been spreading?

To date, with very limited marketing, we reached about 150k free users.
Our journey began with a free app in 2022, followed by a shift to Freemium one-off in Q4/22, to experiment with users’ WTP. iOS users demonstrated very positive trends, with 5.8% payer conversion in Switzerland and 2% worldwide. In Q2/23 we introduced Freemium Subscriptions, with €25 p.a.
The main KPIs (payer conversion and ARPPU) showcase favourable outcomes: during H1/23, ARPPU doubled, exceeding €6 per month, and payer conversion rate for iOS devices reached an impressive 2.35% in Q2/23. Currently, with very modest marketing, we sell 60-80 applications per month and generated €250 in July, expecting to collect €1500 in Dec 2023.
We are committed to SDGs 3,4, & 10, and offer our app for free to families in need.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

If you want to show our app to your child, please download the app from App Store or Google Play Store on your device, enter the age and the name of the child, and start the learning experience by tapping on the lighted object on the screen. The app gives immediate feedback through encouraging comments and helps the child to progress with learning, the achievements can be seen in Parent Dashboard.

Impact & scalability

HundrED Academy Reviews
Playful, methodical, simple and fun: it is a tool that children will quickly understand and easily get used to. What's more, recent songs and smileys have also been added. It is a modern, innovative tool
We are in a digitalized world, and younger children have access to devices. If they are already on devices, then having something educational to do is a plus. Having more than English and math is also a plus.
- Academy member
Academy review results
High Impact
Low Scalability
High Impact
High Scalability
Low Impact
Low Scalability
Low Impact
High Scalability
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Implementation steps

How to play with the app
Please download the app from Google Play or Apple App Store, enter the information you are asked about your child, and start playing by tapping on the lighted object on the screen. Each lesson is a story with friendly animal characters. The lesson has 10 exercises which are done one by one, the child can progress to the next task if the previous one has been solved correctly. If wrong, the child is asked to repeat the exercise and gently guided by animals to find the right solution.
Parent dashboard
Parents and caretakers can see the learning progress of the child in the parent area: how many attempts were needed to solve the task correctly, what tasks the child liked or not liked, and what are the weaknesses and strengths of the child.

Spread of the innovation

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